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I had some pretty light coming through the window the other day so I thought I'd take some pictures of the kitchen...

I found that little step stool in a box my grandpa packed for us. On the bottom it says my dads name and "A-". Apparently he made it in high school woodshop class! Very cool... It will be great for B in the bathroom when he gets older. To brush his teeth, wash his hands, all that fun stuff! But for now I use it to get into my upper cabinets.
Here's looking into Bjorn's room from the kitchen.
We haven't quite figured out what to do with the wine rack Taylor made for me... So for now it's sitting on top of our "Pantry"...
I finally have a coffee bar!! I've always wanted one! I don't have enough counter space for all of my coffee makers... I have way too many... So this holds a couple of my favorite, everyday ones and all of my coffee mugs (again... way too many) underneath and the drawer holds the coffee! One of my favorite gifts Taylor has gotten me! Thanks, honey!
My mother-in-law got me that shelf over the coffee bar. I love looking at it and I love HER!! She knows me too well! :)
Heres looking into the guest bedroom that is FINALLY DONE!!
Not the best picture of it but this is one of the lights we got at Habitat for Humanity Restore. It was a bronzy black color so I spray painted it and filled it with Edison bulbs. Taylor wired it for a plug in so all I have to do is plug it in and I have light over the sink! It was originally made as a vanity light to hang on the wall but I wanted it hanging from the ceiling so Taylor and his friend Bruce just screwed it into the ceiling. Thanks guys!! :)
I needed some kind of window valance and I found 8 vintage tea towels at a garage sale for $2! So I just tacked a few over the window and viola! I wish I had a better picture... Sorry!
Here's looking in from the dining room....
Looking through the kitchen to the laundry room...
So there you have it! The kitchen! I'm so happy to say we are completely done with the house! Well... For now until we find another project! But the big stuff is done! I have a whole list of things I want to do later on but for now it's livable and we're finally able to enjoy it as a family :)

Thanks for reading!

Have a great Wednesday!!!

xo- Savanna