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Open Shelving in the Kitchen

My awesome husband built me some shelves for the kitchen! Because we have limited cabinet space I thought they would be perfect and the best part they were CHEAP! I'm talking like $7 cheap. All we purchased were the black shelf brackets. The barn wood was FREE!
Every time I look at them I just smile.

He hung them on the side going into Bjorn's room. We put the wine rack he made me a couple years ago up next to it on the other wall.
I put my gorgeous sewing machine/table he found for me underneath and if we ever get a microwave it will go there. Its funny, we've lived here for a couple months and haven't even needed a microwave... Maybe we don't need one after all!
Here's a picture of the whole kitchen with the shelves. I love them so much!
I've been having some serious technical difficulties over here... I will put more, better quality pictures up when I get all my stuff fixed! I'll just edit this post with the new pictures so check back later but I hadn't posted in a while so I thought I'd show what's been happening!
Thanks for reading!
xo- Savanna