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So I've been feeling very un-inspired lately... I've kind of been in a funk not wanting to do ANYTHING. I don't know if its from stress or what... We've had a pretty rough year and lots of big changes but I finally forced myself to go out yesterday and paint. B was asleep and I had nothing better to do cause lets face it, painting is way better than laundry...

I've never been good at decorating outdoors but I finally came up with something I like...

Here's the front porch (for now)! We added some paint, new shutters and some decor... Here's a look at the before....

This was when we were just dreaming about the house. We didn't buy it yet. I took out those posts first thing!!

And here's another after. Bourbon wanted to be in the picture. 

Bjorn also felt like modeling! 


We painted the door and the railing black....

I made the number sign from old barnwood and  some wood numbers from michaels. I painted them vintage white. 

I got the welcome sign from michaels and hung up a top from one of my patio tables behind it. We put a different top on it for the back deck that will probably make it on the blog someday. 

I put some mums in a crate and put them on the table. They're not blooming yet! 

We still need a new light. Our friends Nicolle and Josh gave us some goodies pictured here. I love this boat shelf. I just put a stump in it with a plant on top. 

Taylor made the shutters out of some old barn wood we had. The best part about this make over is we already had EVERYTHING! My favorite kind of decorating!

Hope you enjoyed our outdoor make over. We still have big plans we want to accomplish out here but that'll take some time. Stay tuned!! 

Sorry I've been slacking lately! We don't have Internet so it's hard for me to get to a computer to blog! 

Xo- Savanna