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Fall Dining Room Table

I found my holiday décor box!!! Weeee!!! Of course it was on the top shelf of a shelving unit in the garage. I thought it was something different so last time I looked in the garage I didn't check that one. I found the box this time of what I thought that box on the top shelf was so I ran over to it and jumped as high as I could to grab it (it fell on top of me but I survived) and ran inside to open it. So naturally I had to do a little decorating...

 I still have a lot I want to do for fall but when I bought this décor we had a 900 square foot apartment so I didn't need to get that much. Now in a 3 bedroom house it kind of gets lost.  But I did the dining room table and moved some things around in here.
 Lets go see!!

I laid a burlap sack down, put an old place mat over that with a basket that I filled with a tree stump (not sure what you call that) and a white pitcher full of wheat grass.
I took my candle sticks out of my bedroom because I felt like it needed more height...
Funny thing about these candle sticks... They're actually old spools and they both had yarn wrapped around them... One white and the other turquoise. I didn't like the turquoise color so I took it off and it revealed raw wood. I kept the white yarn on the other one and I'm wondering if I should take it off to match the other... We'll see :)
I then just added some of my little pumpkins and leaves. I found a couple pinecones outside and stuck them in the basket as well...
Originally the table was over in front of that propped up door but I thought with Thanksgiving coming up, the table needs to be the centerpiece of the room! So I moved it to the middle and I LOVE it this way. I don't know why I didn't do it before. I think its because this is where our front door is and I thought it might be in the way but this room is actually bigger than I thought. My husband hasn't complained yet so I know its not in the way at all!
I cant wait to add some more fall décor in here. I feel like it's so light and bright because it was summer when we moved here and I wanted it to feel cooler but the table feels so warm and inviting now... I want that same warm feeling all over the room for the cold days ahead so we will see what happens!
Fall is really the only time of year that I bring color into our house. I am SO afraid of color. It sounds crazy but I am drawn to white, grey, black, browns.... Everything boring! I do like to add some green and blue though. Natural colors... Those are pretty much neutral too.... Moving on!...
I added some reds and oranges because you cant have fall without some warm colors!
Here we're looking in from the kitchen. It makes me so excited to host Thanksgiving at my house this year. This is the first time I'll be making a turkey.... Wish me luck! (coming from someone who caught their oven on fire baking cupcakes...)
Taylor discovered some tomatoes growing down by our pond! He was so excited. I didn't really care because I don't like tomatoes but that's what those little guys are hanging out on the island :)
Apparently I had a picture party...... Sorry!
The candle on this little table in the corner smells SOO  GOOOOOOD! My friends mom makes them and they are so wonderful. The first one they gave me I would only burn on SPECIAL occasions because I didn't want it to ever go away! It was called Pink Sugar and I still have it. I also got the wax cubes for my warmers in that sent and when we went to visit them a couple weeks ago they gave me a Blueberry Pie one and another one.... I forgot the name but it smells like heaven. That's all you need to know. They fill the whole room up so quick with fragrance... Yum yum yum. They're called Sweet Liberty candles so go look them up and buy a couple!!

I hope you enjoyed the fall table. I am so excited fall is here! I love everything pumpkin except pumpkin beer... I don't know who thought of that but... No.......

Maybe I just haven't had a good one.

Have a great day! I'm going to continue decorating for fall and keep you updated on what I come up with!
Also I've been thinking about doing a giveaway for all my wonderful people who stop by and look at my little blog so let me know if that's something that should happen!! :)
xo- Savanna