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Living Room

I finally took some time and put the living room up! Normally it's covered in toys and snacks and laundry but no one was home and it finally looked decent so I took some pictures to show you! 

This is walking into the living room from the kitchen and laundry room...

We got the old ironing board at a flea market in California. It did have green legs, then it had white legs, now it has almond legs. Can you tell I'm in decisive???? No way! I thought it would be a good table behind the couch.

Some accessories my grandparents gave to me when they moved to Missouri sit on top. And you can't miss my old window divider!

I put some dollar store silver plates in a frame on the wall. The frame was free so it cost a total of $2. Love that!! 

Ignore B's toy basket under the coffee table. We're keepin it real around here...

Pretty much everything in here was thrifted, gifted, or garage saled. 

The pillows on the love seat are made out of burlap sacks... I put some old throw pillows inside the sacks and folded over the top and tied the tops down and there you have a free, no sew pillow cover! I hope that made sense on how to make them... I have some other pillows I want to cover this way so I'll put up pictures of how I do it when I make them!! :)

The white throw is from Tj Maxx. I get myself in trouble at that store....

I'm so ready to have this wood burning stove going in the winter. Nothing like being snowed in with a fire going...

I have a different plan for the TV. We're waiting to get another one but I hate my tv being out for everyone to see and all the cords hanging out... So stay tuned for a new project!! 

I have a couple pumpkin candles going. Yum!!

This coffee table has also been several different colors. The legs started out gold, then silver, then white, now (accidental) chippy white. I'm kind of liking the chippiness of it though. I got it a couple years ago at Tj Maxx. 

I recently got the throw on the big couch from Aldi! I love that store! And the pillows were both bought at thrift stores...

That dresser holds our DVDs. Taylor found it for $10 at a garage sale in California and let me tell you it was ugly. And the bottom drawer was broken. So I took it out and made a shelf in the bottom, painted it antique white and now we have lots of movie/pillow storage! 

Ignore that charger cord hanging out on the floor.. Didn't see that!! :)

Bourbon has his own couch as you can tell...

I got the curtains for the whole house from Ikea. They're really cheap and super long! $10 for a set of two... I just ordered them online and got the curtain rods for this room at Dollar General.

This is where I keep Bjorns Adirondack chair our friends gave to him. He loves sitting in it by the coffee table while he eats his snacks. It's so cute!! 

I needed something on the windows but I didn't want curtains. There's a lot of curtains in here to begin with and didn't want to cover every window so I took a burlap sack and nailed it up, tied it up slightly with some twine and there you have cheap easy window valances!

I did the same thing on the other little window by the TV. That wine rack in the window was made by my very talented friend Josh! He makes all kinds of stuff you should see his house. It's amazing! Thank you, Josh!! 

This is the view you get walking in from the deck...

That's it for the living room tour. I hope you enjoyed it!! Hopefully I'll have some fall décor out soon to show you! I'm still looking for my holiday décor box in the garage... Haha!

It sure is nice to be able to relax in our own home :)

-xo Savanna