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Christmas Decor

We have a special Christmas post for you just in time for Christmas!! I went around and took pictures of our Christmas décor. I didn't do a lot of decorating this year but I did focus on a few places and of course we had to put up a tree..

Christmas a couple years ago was one of my favorites. We lived in California and it was just Taylor and I. We decided we were going to spend that Christmas in California just the two of us and that's what we did. Laid around in our pajamas all day watching Christmas movies. It was so nice to not worry about traveling, getting dressed, going out, cooking... It was just the two of us and it was so peaceful. This year is completely different... but in a wonderful way. We're starting new traditions now that we have a child and I think this is going to be another one of my favorites. We have our son, our own home, we're living back close to family, my grandparents now live close to us... We have so much to be thankful for this year...

I kept our tree very simple and neutral this year. I just used gold ornaments, white berries from The Dollar Tree (LOVE THAT PLACE!) , pinecones and a burlap runner. I tied a big bow on top as a topper... I already had the burlap tree skirt I got a couple years ago off Etsy.

I added a little garland around the mantle and some more of the berries. All from The Dollar Tree.

Ignore my dusty fireplace... He's been working pretty hard the past few weeks keeping us warm. Thank you, fireplace!

I added some more of the little berries in my white pitcher on the ironing board behind the couch...

My mom bought me a white poinsettia. She knows my love for everything white...

This isn't Christmas related but I moved the picture of my sons little baby features to the dining room. It used to be above the tv in our living room but I put it here because I found something else for in there. All I did to make this picture was take pictures of his perfect little hands, feet, eyes, lips, ears, and belly button and put them in a collage on my phone using the app PicStitch. I turned it to black and white and printed it out at Walmart in a larger size. I already had this frame and it was the perfect size! An easy and cheap way to make a big statement.

I am not one to bring much color into my house... But this advent calendar from TjMaxx was too cute to pass up. I do like to bring in some red and green for the holidays. Not much though!

Something else not Christmas related.... My mother-in-law's boyfriend gave us this gun cabinet... It used to have glass in it and when we got it, the glass was out. So it was just an open cabinet. We needed something to put in there to cover it up so we went and got a piece of beadboard from the hardware store. My husband cut it to size and we popped it in. I like it because it lightens the piece up a bit for now until I can paint it. With our busy lives i'm not able to do much painting... But I made a New Years resolution for myself and it involves going after my dream... So in 2016 youll be seeing much more DIY projects and way more blog posts!

Here's a sneak peak of our table... I'm going to do a separate post on our table and how I decorated it for Christmas... So stay tuned!

My neighbor had a painting party a couple weeks ago and we painted wine bottles. It was so much fun and we had an awesome teacher! I painted a Santa and a snowman and put it on top of our NEW MICROWAVE! Ok guys... I'm off the Christmas topic again but we haven't had a microwave sense we moved into the house... I know its crazy but we never really needed one. There were a couple times when I thought "man I wish we had a microwave..." but then just kept forgetting to get one. My sister-in-law and a couple friends have asked where my microwave was and I said I didn't have one... They all gave me the same WTF look... Finally I was at Target and I passed the microwaves, turned around and grabbed the first one I saw and threw it in my cart. I was done with the no microwave business! I cant live that life anymore! :) Anyway... If you're still reading, you're a trooper!

Back to Christmas décor.

 I added a few ornaments for some more touches of Christmas in the kitchen.

I decided to decorate our DIY kitchen island. You can see how we made it here.

I just put a little Christmas tree from the dollar aisle at Target in one of my candle holders (also from Target). This tree is the same one from my sons Birthday. You can see it here.

And finally the outside... Ignore where my crazy dog has scratched at the door. He is very impatient and when he's ready to come in he's READY TO COME IN!

I just added a DIY Christmas wreath I made a couple years ago and put up a tree my parents gave to me. It's decorated in old cookie cutters, twine and some red beads... It looks a little rough. Its been windy lately!

 I hope you enjoyed this post. I sure did enjoy decorating for the holidays.

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Have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
xo- Savanna