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Winter Table Setting

Well it's about time I got my winter table decor up.... I have been so busy and haven't been able to focus on my blog... Its been a crazy couple of weeks but I'm back! And I have lots to show you so thank you for still supporting me..

We're just going to get right into it because there are a ton of pictures. I kinda went picture crazy on this one but that's what people want to see! No one wants to sit here and read my babbling about nothing (ask my husband). 

So this was the table I had on Christmas for my family that came over. The holidays this year were so great. One of my favorites for many reasons. 

I wanted something simple, elegant and neutral. 

I added a vintage tray my mom gave to me and put some bulbs in it. I added some sparkle with the candle holders. I wanted a rustic touch and I thought the jug and wood stumps fit in well. I didn't want to go too rustic so just a couple touches tied it all together with the rest of the house.

I got my white dishes at Target and the wine glasses at Ross. The rest was thrifted or given to me by family. 

I hope you enjoyed this long post... I'm sorry it's so late but I will be sure to keep up with my own stuff more! I have a lot coming your way so stay tuned!

xo- Savanna