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Before and After: Kitchen

I've been wanting to do a before and after post on our house for a while. I started to do it for the whole house and realized that it was going to be a very long post! So I decided to split it up by rooms. I'll go through all of the details and everything we have changed over the few months we've been in the house. We've almost lived here a year... I cant believe it! Time is going by way too fast... So with that being said, lets get into the before pictures. You've been warned....

In the kitchen, we immediately ripped down all of the lights and took off all of the cabinet hardware. It was so gross I didn't know what color the hardware used to be... The day we closed on the house, I spent 2 hours cleaning that window... 2 HOURS! And even after that I still wasn't satisfied. A couple days later we had a painting party. All of our family and friends came and helped us tackle the whole house. Thank God for great people! I focused on painting the cabinets. That took a couple days to finish but with some help from family I managed to get it done. After that my husband and I started renovating. We of course aren't anywhere near finished but for now its functioning and one day we will have our dream home. 

We haven't changed anything MAJOR in the kitchen yet but stay tuned because that is coming!
We changed the light fixtures. That was a hassle to say the least. I was the one that took the fan down and stripped one of the screws while trying to do so. I guess while trying to get it down I pulled out a wire so when my husband went to hang the new light, it didn't work. He finally went up into the attic and found that the wiring wasn't hooked up. OOPS! But we got it fixed. Taylor and his friend hooked up the light over the window for me. Its hard to see but we got a vanity light from Habitat for Humanity and painted it, put in some Edison bulbs and made it into a whole new light. I don't like to use that one much because Edison bulbs are expensive!! :P We got the farmhouse light from Habitat for Humanity as well. It was white and rusty originally and I just spray painted the whole thing black. 

Whew my eyes hurt... Here's the AFTER! 

We made our kitchen island and you can see how we made it here. We changed out the hardware and put in our appliances. I have big plans for this kitchen. I want new floors, counter tops, back splash and sink. I even want to make a new vent hood. But until that happens, this is what we're working with and i'm okay with that :)

We hung up the wine rack my hubs made me and added some DIY open shelving. 

Thank you all for following us along on this journey. Its been stressful but very rewarding as well. I'll be back soon with the rest of the Before and Afters of our house. Have a wonderful day!!! 

xo- Savanna