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Before and After: Bathroom and Laundry Room

This post is all about our bathroom and laundry room makeovers. These two rooms were the first I got to decorate after we renovated the house. I didn't change a whole lot in these rooms except lots and lots of paint. I was going to paint the vanity in the bathroom but I have a dream bathroom in my head that doesn't include this vanity... I'm hoping we can get going on that project within the next couple years but until then, this one will do. I kept the tile because the budget didn't allow for that expense and until we renovate the bathroom, I'm fine with it. I just cover it up with rugs... Haha! Lets get into the before picture of the bathroom...

Not much to see except for the sage green paint... Now the afters...

I was going to wait to paint this room and I was going to paint it a lighter grey but after painting the rest of the house, we ended up having some of the darker grey left over and I like how it warms the room up a little bit. This room was just thrown together quickly. I haven't done any projects in here because, like I said, I have this dream bathroom in my head and I don't want to put too much into this room if its just going to get changed anyway. So to disguise that ugly builders grade mirror, I hung up one of my huge frames. My husband thought I was crazy... But that's normal :)

This bathroom serves its purpose but every time I walk in here, I just want to take a sledge hammer with me... My dream bathroom is just consuming my mind! 

Next up is the laundry room... This bright green paint took 4 coats to cover... I (of course) wanted it painted white and our poor friends Ian and Nicole spent all day painting layer after layer.... Thanks guys! :)

Now lets get into the afters...

I wanted light and bright and I think I achieved that. This room has been changed around so many times because its such a difficult room to work with... I believe before the living room was added on to that they used this room as a mudroom from the back door.

I hung curtains up to cover our washer and dryer because the way the house is set up, you have to walk through the laundry room to get from the kitchen to the living room. Its super weird but that's part of the "charm" right? (or not) We really want to reconfigure the whole house but until then I gotta work with what I have :)

Another weird quirk of our house is we don't have a pantry, so this cabinet serves as our pantry and its in the laundry room. Haha! I have big plans though.

Thanks for stopping by and reading! Next on this before and after is going to be the living room. We changed things around a lot in there so it'll be fun for me (and everyone) to see how different it is. Have a great rest of your week!!

xo- Savanna