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Before and After Living Room

My Before and After series continues with our Living Room. I'm excited about this post because this room is my favorite. It's one thing that sold me on the house because of the wood stove and all the natural light it lets in. It brings the outdoors in with all of the sliding glass doors. This room has THREE sliding glass doors that go outside... Why they needed so many, I'm not sure but I love all the light. Especially in the morning. Eventually I want to replace the doors with french doors. I can imagine the doors being open and the curtains blowing. My heart! Two of the doors go out to our back deck and the third goes out to our screened in porch...

I wanted it to be light and bright ( like the rest of the house) and I chose this light grey with a pale blue tint. I cant remamebr the name but if I find it I'll add it in this post. We did all new floors and thick baseboards. Lets get into the before....

This is a bad picture of the interior but it shows the doors and how pretty our view is. Which was our main reason for buying this house.

The tan and dark floors just weren't speaking to me. And now the afters...

I hung up old window panes to divide the room a little. If you go to the left behind the couch, you can get to the back deck.

Behind the TV is the second sliding glass door. We didn't really see the need for two over there and if we did use it, it would be difficult to style the room. So I just hung curtains up.

This view would look out to our screened in porch if I didn't have a bunch of junk out there. So for now i'm covering it with curtains :) Curtains are my new best friend.

I really want to white wash the brick around the stove because I feel like it just sticks out and doesn't really go with the rest of the bright and light room. Maybe that'll be a project for the spring...

My awesome husband got me this rug at World Market for Valentines Day. He knows I'm not a flowers and chocolate kind of girl. Haha :)

We're working on a coffee table that my husband found in the woods... Yes I said he found it in the woods... It's only the top though so it doesn't have legs so I want to use these legs and  I want to turn this coffee table into a desk. So stay tuned for that!

We got new slipcovers for the couches and so far I love the look of them. The only problem is our black lab. He isn't allowed on the couches anymore (he does still have his chair Aunt Nancy LOL) but somehow his hair still manages to be all over them... It's very frustrating so we keep them covered in blankets until someone comes over! I'm just keeping it real folks Haha :)

But the slipcovers look much better than the old stained green fake leather...

Thanks for stopping by and reading! I hope you enjoyed and I'll be back with another Before and After soon! 
If some of the pictures are a little blurry I apologize! I tried out a new editing program and it didn't amaze me as much as I wanted it to... But you get the idea! But on a good note, I fixed the big gap above all of my posts! Yay!

Have a great rest of your week!

xo- Savanna