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Dining Room Table Spring Refresh

I have a bit of a fun post today. Something I don't normally do... In my house, I like everything to be neutral. I don't add much color. My favorite color is white... :) I decided this spring I want to add some pops of color. My husband loves color so when I say I want to paint a piece of furniture white, he rolls his eyes. In a perfect world, everything in my house would be white... But that's just not practical and my husband would probably never come home...

I added some spring colors and sparkly touches to our dining room table this year and I'm kind of loving it. I didn't go overboard. Its still fairly neutral but not my normal neutral. Lets take a look!

I brought out some of my grandparents china they gave us when we moved in. The little white cups with pink tulips. I've been waiting to bring them out, and spring is the perfect time! I think I want to add more of that china in another spring table make over so stay tuned for that. 

I got the big square plates and blue saucers at Target, the gold plated cups at Starbucks and the wine glasses at Ross.

My husband found all of these blue mason jars on his grandmas farm. He wrapped them up for me for Christmas... He gets me :)

Walmart had a beautiful selection of flowers so I picked some up. The candle holders were from Michaels when I was shopping for our wedding.

The white napkins were my grandparents and of course the table. I brought this bench inside from our screened in porch. My dad built it and it was my parents first kitchen table, then when I moved in with Taylor in California he gave it to us. I just love it. Its a picnic style table and it has a special place in my heart. The paint is chipping so I really want to paint it white but until I can get around to doing that, I put some white sparkly pillows on it to brighten it up a bit. The white pitcher is from Ross and the rug is from Walmart. They had rugs for less than $20!

You probably caught glimpses of Taylor and Bourbon in the background. Taylor was making cookies and Bourbon was begging him for some :) 

I hope you enjoyed this Spring Dinging Room Table Refresh! I have a list of posts I want to do and I am hoping with the weather getting nicer, we will do some things outside. We have a few plans and I'm dying to re- finish some furniture! Have a great week!!

xo- Savanna