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10 Ways to Decorate for Christmas on a BUDGET (NO TREE REQUIRED)

I'm really excited about this post because I love reading other "how to" posts with easy steps to accomplish something. I like simple step by step tips and I also love decorating on a budget! So I thought I'd combine the two and tell you how I decorated for the holidays this year by spending very little money on new décor. Lets get to it!...

1. Switch out pictures-
I'll start with my very favorite way to switch out décor for the seasons and that's simply printing off pictures from the computer and putting them into frames I already have. You could write up a cute Christmas saying for the frame or print one off. This horse covered in snow is one I came across online and I thought it was just beautiful. I had this frame already in my living room with a picture in it and for the holidays, replaced the picture with this horse one. I'll switch it back after winter is over and spring comes. This one is super simple and practically free!

2. Wrapping paper-
I love using wrapping paper to decorate. You could cut out a piece and put it in a frame, or you can simply put the rolls in a basket and call it good! That's what I did here and it just adds that little extra touch to this space and is probably something you already have. Use coordinating colors that will match your décor.
5. Pillow covers-
This is super fun to do and it makes such a difference in a room. Switching out your throw pillow covers is something I do every season. It's so cheap if you go to the right places, or you can make your own out of anything festive you find- Placemats, blankets, shower curtains...  The possibilities are endless! I can't sew, so I buy all of mine off of Amazon. They average a couple bucks for a cover and are standard size so they fit most of my pillows. This is one of my favorites because it makes such a big difference and is so affordable.

4. Blankets, blankets, blankets-
I always have throw blankets around but especially in the winter. It just cozies up any space and makes it feel warm and inviting. I love choosing plaid ones during the holidays to throw in baskets, or chairs. You can never go wrong with a good throw!

5. Lights-
I love seeing twinkly lights in the holiday season. I put them everywhere during this time of year and my favorites are these gold one's I got in the Target dollar spot. They're $3 for a strand and I have some in every room. They run off of batteries and are just so adorable! I turn mine on every night when I come home from work and it just lifts my spirits. I may have to leave them out a little longer because they're just too cute.
6. Garlands
Whether you buy them or make your own, garlands go a long way in decorating for the holidays. I have at least two in every room and they just make such a big impact. I got all my green ones at Michaels when they had a 50% off sale and I made the bulb ones simply by purchasing bulbs from the Dollar Tree and stringing them onto some twine I already had. I tied knots so they wouldn't slide around. They practically cost nothing and are so festive and fun.

7. Bring nature inside-
I know this time of year there aren't many flowers blooming, if any. But the twigs and sticks outside are also beautiful! I always bring in sticks from outside and put them in vases. They fill my vases and add a rustic touch. This is one of my favorite ways to decorate because its FREE! Another way I like to warm up my home is to bring in logs from outside and put them by the fireplace. It just reminds me of warm cozy fires and is a great way to add some more texture.

8. Scarves-
Scarves are the best way to add a warm touch to your home for the holidays. We all have them and they're all super cute! Pick some out that go with the colors you have in your home and hang them on a hook or drape one in a basket. You'll be amazed at the texture it adds for the season.

9. Ornaments-
Throw some old ornaments in a basket for a center piece! I love doing this because it fills up vases and bowls all while looking sparkly and festive. I get most of my ornaments at the Dollar Tree or Walmart. They cost hardly anything and are so pretty. Also if you have old ornaments or décor that doesn't quite go with your home anymore, spray paint it! I spray painted those berries I got from the Dollar Tree last year (disclosure, I don't recommend painting foam berries, the spray paint will eat the foam) and I painted that sled I got from the Target dollar spot this year. They were all red and red just doesn't really go with my house. I do like to add some pops of it during this season but I don't want a lot of it. So painting is my best friend!
10. Chalkboards-
If you have a chalkboard in your house, use it to decorate with! Add a cute Christmas quote or draw some Christmas trees. It's free décor! If you don't have a chalkboard, you can purchase one for super cheap! The little one with the tree I got for $3 at Target.

Lessons learned in this post: Dollar Tree, Target dollar spot and paint are your three best friends!
I really hope you enjoyed this super simple guide to decorating for the holidays on a budget. I don't like to spend much on décor so I love to find new ways to decorate without having to spend a ton. Most of these you can do with things you already have in your home, so get to decorating!!

Have a wonderful week, friends!
xo- Savanna

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