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Early Spring in the Kitchen

Yay it's almost spring!!!! I'm more excited this year than ever before. I'm loving all the pastel and floral trends this year for home décor. It's really getting my creativity flowing and truly bringing out the original Savanna. I've said it before but it's so easy to get into the swing of what everyone else is doing. I've always loved neutral décor but adding in some pops of fun light color is really starting to grow on me...

So if you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you know I've been having some computer troubles... Well I thought they were computer troubles. I for whatever reason couldn't get my pictures onto my computer from my camera. I worked on it for like an hour the other night, googled, asked people and everything and couldn't figure it out. I told my husband what was happening and he came over and clicked a couple buttons and there were all my pictures. How do men just know everything?? I'm forever blown away by what my husband knows.

I got a cute collection of brass candle sticks from a new friend I found on Instagram, Danielle at Westwood Vintage Co. Her Etsy shop is adorable and she is just the sweetest. If you haven't already, you gotta go check out her shop! I got the little white bowls on the table at TjMaxx. They're perfect for my son's blueberry addition. My mom got me the cool tulip plant. They just sit in water and I just have to make sure the water is up to the bottom of the bulbs which is great for me because I have a black thumb but these are doing great so far! I love them. I got the tray and cake stand in the Target dollar spot this weekend along with the little fake succulents and table runner. The salt and pepper shakers are also from Target but they're not in the dollar section. That store man.... Gets me every time.   

I wanted to get another post up this week because I missed the weekend and didn't get much up last week. The only day I had to take pictures was Sunday but I didn't get home until the sun was setting. So they're not the best quality but they're better than nothing in my opinion. If I don't post twice a week, I just feel off. I gotta get my thoughts and feels and creativity out, know what I mean?

I added a little frame to my fridge. I had an extra one and started going around my house putting it places and it ended up here. I kind of love it. I have my aloe plant that I keep around all year for accidents and it's just pretty. I also added some hooks that I Rub-n-Buffed copper on the side by my stove. They hold my colander and an extra kitchen towel.

I got out some of my pink floral teacups and hung them up with little hooks under my cabinets. I love the floral touches this year. They just make me smile.

I also found those little floral hand towels at TjMaxx this weekend. They're so cute. I was looking for some floral hand towels online and gave up because I couldn't find any that I really loved and the ones I did love cost way more than what I wanted to spend. Of course when I stopped looking, there they were. Funny how that always happens. The "it's all good in the trailer hood" towel is from a local restaurant/wine store in town. It's my husband and I's favorite place to eat and one of my goals in life is to find an old trailer and fix it up all Savanna like. It'll be so much fun. I'm not a camper but if I had one of these I would be!


Well I hope you enjoyed this little glimpse of spring in our home. This season can't come fast enough. I'm still debating on weather or not to post this because the lighting is so bad! And I just noticed the water pitcher in my sink! I ain't perfect people! Lol If you see this, have a wonderful rest of your week and thank you so much for stopping by to see what lil ole me is up to!!!! <3

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