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Ready for Spring- Living Room Tour and No Sew Pillow Case

I don't know about anyone else, but I am so ready for spring. I was looking outside earlier onto our back deck and I thought it had felt like years since we have been able to open up the back door to the deck for kids to play and host bbq's and let the breeze in. This winter has felt so long and I couldn't stand the dreary darkness anymore so I decided I wanted to add some pops of pink...


I have also seen a bunch of Valentines Day décor lately (which is so not my thing) with the hearts and pinks and reds. I have never really taken part in Valentines day, I don't know it's just not my number one priority, so I didn't do much to decorate for it but I did find this cute gold heart light garland in the Target Dollar Spot. I loved it so much I bought three... Who needs three gold heart light garlands???

I moved my Wild Field Paper Co painting in here, and that's when it all started. You can find my exact painting HERE. Because of this, I had the desire to add more pink and brighten this room a bit.

I didn't want to add much because I'm a very neutral loving gal. I love to add pops of color while keeping everything else pretty neutral. I thought adding some light pink in here would be just the right thing to perk me up and get me even more excited for spring. Also bringing in some of my plants I've managed to somehow keep alive...

I decided to go with the throw pillows. I change them out seasonally but I've never had pink floral throw pillows before. I was always too nervous to add too much color but I'm loving how it looks and how cheerful it is to walk into. It's just the right amount.  I couldn't find any pillow covers I liked so I found this shower curtain at Target.com and cut it up into 4 squares to cover 4 pillows. I don't sew so this is how I did it...

I laid the squares out print side down, put the pillow in the middle and literally wrapped it like a present and attached the fabric to the pillow with a safety pin on each side. As you can see above, it didn't cover completely but no one will see that side so I'm not worried about it. One shower curtain covered 4 pillow's pretty well. There may be a gap but it's not going to be shown if it's on a couch or closed back chair.

I love how the pillows turned out and I wanted a little more pink to balance out the room. I had a lot on the side my couches were on but nothing on the other side so I needed another little pop. This weekend my girlfriends and I had a day out. It was so fun and much needed. I'm such a crazy mom when it comes to my son, I have so much anxiety leaving him for too long, but he did great and I think we both benefited from it. The adorable town down the road had a Chocolate Tour event. Every little small business downtown made something chocolate or resembling chocolate to bring you inside their business. We walked for hours going into the little stores trying what they had. It was so fun. One of the little coffee shops had paintings for sale made by a little girl. Anything made by children or sold by children has my heart. It tells me they're being taught to work for what they want. I spotted this little pink tree painting and just had to have it.

It goes perfectly in my living room for the spring and summer seasons and balances out the pink on the other side of the room perfectly. I love it and it makes me smile when I look at it. That's the key to life I've found- If it doesn't make you smile, get rid of it!
I hope you all enjoyed this little early spring living room tour. I will be showing more spring décor as I go through my house to brighten and cheer it up for the season to come. Have a wonderful week my sweet friends and thank you for stopping by to see what crazy ole me is up to!
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