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Bye Bye Coffee Table! Spring/ Summer Living Room Tour

Well, we're back from much needed road trip away as a family. It was so good to get away. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in work, we forget what we're really working for and that is to give our son the best life he could possibly have and that means FUN sometimes! Ok, so I have a fun little story that sparked this post. I was going to put my kitchen and living room into one post but this one turned out a little long. Let's get into it and God's speed...

 I recently purchased that little gray ottoman at Aldi... Yes Aldi. I love that store so much. Sometimes you can find the coolest stuff there. I get a lot of my throw blankets there, I've gotten a couple rugs there. It's always just fun to go and look. I was at the Aldi near where my grandparents live and I like shopping at that one because it's new, and my grandparents watch my son while I go get my shopping done. I almost flipped when I saw the new furniture they had. This little guy was only $25!! It was marked down so I knew it would be gone soon and I just couldn't pass it up. They had matching chairs but trying to get my hands on those turned into a bit of a nightmare. There was only one chair on the shelf and a very sweet guy working in that aisle stocking the shelves. I looked at the chairs for a bit while people got in the guys way making his job a little harder than it needed to be deciding if I wanted to get them.  They were only $35. I really want two tufted chairs for this room but for $35... I couldn't pass it up. I still was indecisive though. I asked the very nice, slightly annoyed guy if he had any more chairs in the back. I wasn't prepared for his answer.

Seemingly in a hurry he said "Yes, how many do you want?" He started walking to the back while talking. Uh... Anxiety Savanna kicked in "I just need one more" I wasn't fully decided on if I wanted them yet, I just wanted to know if they had more before I decided, but he was nice enough to go back and get another one, so I guess it's mine. He told me to wait by the back room doors while he went to find one. A few minutes later he comes back with a chair and said "I'll take them up front for you" again, talking very quickly and seemingly in a hurry. I replied "Uh... sir! This is the wrong chair. I wanted the gray cushioned one." he brought out a metal outdoor chair. He seemed a little more annoyed and said "okay, I'll be back." Still standing back by the doors, a few minutes passed and I started to remember... I have a car FULL of stuff I'm supposed to be taking to Goodwill. I'm talking FUUULLLLL! My heart sank. All I could think of was this nice, but slightly annoyed guy is in the back digging for a stupid chair I don't even need and I can't even take it home. First instinct?? DROP EVERYTHING AND RUN AND NEVER COME BACK TO THIS ALDI AGAIN! FORGET THE GROCERIES! LEAVE THEM HERE JUST GET THE HECK OUT!! 

I stood there thinking of every possible solution to take these chairs home. Literally nothing else would fit in my car. I thought to myself "I'll just get the chair, go to another aisle and drop it and go to the check out." After probably close to 10 minutes, the guy came out with my chair. He had to move so much stuff around to find ONE chair. He put it on my cart and said thank you and wen't back on his way. GOOD! He wasn't going to take it to the front, he wasn't going to go get the other one for me. His poor service was working in my favor! I wen't and got the rest of the things I needed although I missed some things because all I could focus on was getting this chair off my cart and getting out of this store. I couldn't see because it was stacked on top of the ottoman which was stacked on top of everything else in my cart. I was almost running into everything. I. WAS. A. MESS. YALL. 

I went up and down the aisles, trying to find somewhere to dump the chair and run. Every aisle had either a worker, or was full of customers. I stood in an aisle crying on the inside! I just had this poor annoyed guy go get me a chair I didn't even need. He was probably even more annoyed that I didn't go back and get the chair in the aisle thinking, if she only wanted one chair, why didn't she take the one from the shelf instead of making me waste time in the back?! I decided I would just stand in line and get to the front and tell the girl "OOPS! I JUST remembered, I have a car full of stuff and I cant fit this in my car" OOPS OOPS OOPS! So that's what I did. I got to the front, unloaded all of my groceries and I said just that. She replied "Okay, do you want us to hold it for you and you can come back later and get it?" Anxiety is back! "Oh no I can't do that I don't live around here" which IS TRUE! But she looked at me like I was crazy and lying and she said "Oh.... Ok?" And didn't say a word after. I paid, quickly loaded everything into my cart and got the HECK out of there! Such a silly story now, but my anxiety completely took over and controlled the whole situation. It could have just been a normal trip to the store! I could have just told the guy that I forgot and made this whole situation a lot easier on myself... BUT where's the fun in that??!! 

Sometimes I just have to laugh at myself and the silly situation's I get myself into. It's not easy being Savanna, but I will say it's an adventure! This silly little ottoman caused a lot of problems, and made anxiety Savanna very anxious but isn't he cute?? Totally worth the anxiety and stress and silly story. And I might add, my husband is not impressed with the whole coffee table being replaced thing... But we've lived with it for about a week and he seems to be figuring it out ;) I hope you enjoyed this look into my living room for Spring and Summer. I didn't talk much about the room, but you're here for the pictures I'm assuming ;) and if you read it, you go glen coco! 
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