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Spring/Summer Full Kitchen Tour

Good day, friends!! I don't know what is up with this weather... In winter it felt like spring and now in spring it either feels like winter or it's pouring rain. In Kansas (right down the road from us) it snowed!! Say what!? IT'S MAY! (Justin Timberlake voice in 2000) Can we make up our mind, Midwest?!? Good grief, I'm ready for flowers, swimming pools, and outdoor projects! This weather hasn't gotten me pumped up to work outside much yet, so I've been keeping myself busy inside. This is NOT a good thing for me people. I repeat, not good...

Too much time inside means I am constantly doing projects or moving things around. It happens on a daily basis (and I'm not kidding) and I get very bored of it after a bit... It's not that I can't go outside and do projects, It's just not inspiring. If it's nice out, it always seems like I have something going on away from home and when I am home it's either raining or cold. LAME! I now have 4 rooms that are unfinished because of it. AH! Not good! I first started my bedroom and got most of it done except for a TINY bit behind the fireplace. I just didn't know how I wanted to decorate back there so I didn't finish painting it but now I think I know what I want to do and it's kind of a good thing I didn't finish painting now... Then we started the bathroom (insert eye roll here) It looks to me like I'm going to be the one laying the tile if it doesn't happen soon... got bored with that and started on my office... I have a big project on the walls that I got bored with so I stopped for now and have started on my laundry room. I'm telling you, I can't keep still. BUT ANYWHOOO I wanted to get on here and give you a FULL tour of my kitchen while the rest of my house is tore up because I don't think I've EVER shown the full room before. You'll see why in the next photo...

Kitchen appliances are just so ugly to me. If it were up to me, they would all be hidden... I like to joke that I want to get a huge french range like THIS in my kitchen because they're so pretty but I hate to cook... It's kitchen furniture people. Kitchen furniture. On a fun note though, I got that little marble butter holder on our trip to Branson. They had this cute 5 and 10 store and that's where I found it. I couldn't pass it up. I love to decorate above my microwave. It makes me happy until I can find a cabinet to put it in but I can't seem to find one the right size...

I wanted a little something on my gather sign for spring and summer so I grabbed an old fake tulip plant I had that was looking a little sad and cut the tulip stems out. I put clear command hooks on the ceiling and tied some thread around the tulips. I tightened it enough so it wouldn't slip off. I just hooked three on each side and I love how simple but pretty it is.

 Now that I've started doing Hello Fresh, I find that I need more counter space for all the ingredients and the over all process of cooking the meals so I cleared my canisters off and put them over on my old ironing board on the other side of the room. I seriously love Hello Fresh, it makes my life just so much easier, and if you're a busy parent and you haven't tried it, you should. I feel like such a better mom because of it. I'm feeding my family very healthy meals that are easy for this girl (who once caught my oven on fire making cupcakes  who hates to cook) to make. And NO this is not sponsored by Hello Fresh, I just truly love the stuff.

I also moved this bar cart into my kitchen. It was a $5 cart I found at a garage sale a couple years ago. It was red and silver but for $5 I couldn't pass it up. I painted the red parts white and the silver legs gold and I love it. I used THIS for the legs and just regular white paint I had on hand. I hung some of my old rolling pins in the corner to fill in that space for now. I'm thinking I want something different but it's cute for now. I spruced up my pallet wine rack my husband made for me with some white paint and a few gold touches. I hated this corner for so long because I had so much stuff on this wine rack. I took everything off and started fresh. I threw old bottles away I thought I wanted to keep and went a different direction for the top. I always recommend doing this when you want something new in a space. Take everything off of the shelves or out of the area and start with fresh eyes. You'll be amazed with how much this helps you re-decorate. I also recommend this if you're itching to buy something new. Take everything down and shop your house. You'll fall in love with the pieces you already have in your home all over again, and you wont upset your hubs ;)

Here's B enjoying one of his favorite snacks... He love any kind of fruit so I always keep some on the table for him to snack on and it looks pretty too!

Well I hope you enjoyed this full tour of my kitchen. Now you've seen every corner... This room is always a work in progress. It's the heart of our home and where I spend most of my time so I have to make it beautiful and change things around often to brighten my mood... Have a great rest of the week and as always, thank you for stopping by to see what I'm up to!
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