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Easy DIY Succulent Garden

Hello my friends! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and did something you love. I got a lot of diy projects done around the house and it turned out to be one of my favorite weekends. I planted some succulents in a bowl and I'm loving how it turned out. Also I love the price tag because I'm just gonna be honest, I can't keep anything alive...

I have always loved succulents. I love how they look and how pretty they are grouped together. I wanted a succulent garden for a while but I never want to purchase one because I know it may not last long in my care... My cousin got me a succulent for a house warming gift and it didn't last long... Some of my plants do ok, but for some reason succulents don't like me. I decided I would try to make my own using a couple things I already had so here's how I made it and what you need to make one yourself. 

I had a bowl that I picked up at Walmart for a couple bucks, I already had dirt from my potted plants outside, I stole some gravel from my drive way (LOL) and I purchased the succulents at our local greenhouse. All I did was put some dirt in the bowl and plant the succulents, then covered the top so you couldn't see most of the dirt with the gravel... Now that I type it out, it seems silly to write but I just love that I now have a pretty succulent garden for a fraction of the cost of some at the store. You could use prettier rocks or a super fun bowl to make it your own. Add in little figurines or toys, get the kiddos involved... The possibilities are endless! 

I put mine in my office to pep me up a little bit while I'm working in here. I plan to have my office up next week and I can't wait to show you what all we've done in here. It's been one of my funnest rooms yet.

I hope you got some inspiration from this little succulent garden of mine and try one out for yourself! I want to make a couple more and spice them up a bit with some fun bowls... Have a fabulous rest of the week and as always, thank you for stopping by to see what I'm up to!! 
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