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A Temporary Guest Bedroom

 Well yesterday was my birthday... It turned out to be pretty great thanks to all my wonderful friends and family. I was able to do something I truly love and that (obviously) is decorating. It's therapy for me and I love that I'm able to play in my home and switch things up often...

Before you start thinking I'm totally crazy for changing this room again, there's a good reason for the switcheroo!! Let me tell you about my best friend... She's super sweet and adorable and has been going through an incredibly trying time in her life here lately. She recently came to live with us for a little bit while she looks for a house to buy. She was just sleeping in my sons room but my sweet husband suggested she have her own room in the nursery. He wanted her to feel at home and have a place to go by herself if she needed to. At first I was a little sad thinking about the nursery going away for a bit but it's only temporary and I can easily change it back when she leaves. 

SO... Yesterday when she left for work I completely changed up the room. I left the rug and the changing table and pulled up a seat to it so she can use it as a desk. I moved some of the furniture around, put her bed in here and bam! Completely transformed from a little boys nursery to a girly guest bedroom. 

This little jewelry box from her mom inspired the whole room. I just loved the colors in it so I shopped my house and my stash of girly things I've been collecting if we ever welcome a little girl into our family and filled the room with flowers and pretty pastel colors. 

This is the 4th change this room has seen. First it was our master, then an office HERE, then a nursery HERE, now a guest bedroom... I like change if you couldn't tell!

Not a whole lot changed but the things that did, made a huge impact on the room. I hope she enjoys it while shes here and is able to escape from the world for a bit. She's been my best friend since we were tiny little girls so I consider her more of a sister. I love her and pray that things start looking up in her life. She deserves the very best. 
Come be my friend!!

ps... Paige, I stole your dress today ;)