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7 Ways to Wear a Bandanna or Silk Scarf in Your Hair

hair scarf Hola, friends!! I hope you're having a wonderful spring. Spring is by far my FAVORITE season. I obviously love fall too but SPRING MAN.... SPRIIIIIING is where it's at. Anyway.... I found a new favorite accessory and I wanna share it with all of you lovely people. It makes every outfit super fun! Let's go see how to wear a "bandanna" or "silk scarf" 7 different ways in your hair!...

First I have this simple half pony with it tied around. I folded it into a big triangle, then folded several times to make it a thin long scarf, took it and tied it simply in the front of the pony to create this look. Pull out the top and sides to make it a little more effortless looking. 

hair half up with scarf

Next I folded it the same as before. In a triangle and then folding several times to get a thin scarf. Tied it like a headband but I put the tie just by my ear so the loose ends hang down with my hair. 

hair scarf as a headband

This one is super fun. I took the scarf and folded it several times with two opposite corners as the ends. I laid the middle over my head like a headband and then braided it with my hair. Unexpected way to wear one of these!

hair scarf braided into hair

This next one is just a bandanna from Walmart I got for $1. I folded it just like before and tied it around a ponytail. Pulled out some front pieces and it's an effortless but cute look for the warmer weather!

ponytail with bandanna

This is probably one of my favorite ways to wear one of these. It dresses up a simple messy bun so well! I folded it just as before, then I put my hair in a simple messy bun. I put the middle of the scarf in the back of the bun, brought both ends forward, wrapped it around and tied it in the back. So basically you wrap it around twice so the ends aren't too long and you don't have a big bow in the front of your hair. The ends hang down in the back and it's super fun!

hair in bun with hair scarf

This one is kinda obvious but I just took it and folded exactly like I did every other time, wrapped it around and tied it on top of my head for a little bow. I used the bandanna scarf for this one so the ends weren't too long. Simple but cute!

bow tied in bandanna as a headband

And last is a bandanna scarf wrapped around a high pony twice! I did it the same as the messy bun but I left it as a pony. This was me after the grocery store today in my "workout" pants and a sweatshirt. This bandanna made my not so fun outfit, super cute!

bandanna tied around high ponytail

I hope you got some inspiration! These scarves are so fun. You can find the bandanna ones anywhere really but I got mine from Walmart and then HERE is where I found the silk ones. I love the different patterns and muted colors of these. They're so versatile! I hope I was able to explain myself. Maybe I'll do videos on Facebook to help explain better...

THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS BEING SO AMAZING! I love you all and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week. Let me know on Facebook and Instagram if you wanna see more posts like this! 

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