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Spring Laundry Room Refresh

black and white mixed wallpaper patternsHey you lovely people. I hope you've all been well. I feel like I haven't done any decorating for a very long time and that just isn't like me. I suppose I've been in a funk you'd say but on Sunday I was doing laundry and I looked up and saw JUNK everywhere and I was kind of in a mood (when I'm moody I organize or clean like a mad woman lol) and I took everything out of there and decided I was going to do something about it.... 

I kinda felt like I lost my mind for a minute but after it was all done I was so happy! It brings me so much joy to make spaces pretty and especially spaces that I've been neglecting. I've really just ignored this space since we moved in. I decorated the rest of the room and put a curtain up to hide the ugly but the curtain kinda drives me crazy because it's in the way when I actually DO do laundry lol and I just couldn't take it anymore! Heres the befores.... Beware.... 

laundry room makeover before

I literally would just throw everything up there that I didn't know what to do with. NO MORE! I started by taking EVERYTHING out of the cabinets and out of the space to start fresh. I cleaned off the shelves and dusted the ceiling and then hung up some pretty vintage wallpaper I got at a flea market a long time ago. I obviously cant hang wallpaper properly back there because of the plug ins and tubes so I just taped it up! It covers everything not so pretty back there and makes me super happy. I'm loving pink and blue lately so I just love it. 

I went through the cabinets and threw things away that were old and got rid of things I never really used. I have way more space now. The basket on top holds all of my painting supplies (rollers, brushes, trays, etc) 

vintage laundry room makeover

vintage door on barn door track

Some of the inspiration for this space was my little sign I made! You can get it HERE in my shop. I love it... Makes me smile but I had no where to put it! Now here we are :) 

funny laundry room sign

vintage navy blue and pink laundry room decor

vintage blue and pink laundry room decor

vintage laundry basket

vintage laundry room decor with sliding door

I didn't purchase anything to do this project. I just shopped my house! I love doing that. Take everything out of the space, shop your house... No money spent and it feels like a brand new room! 

sliding laundry room door

laundry room cabinet organization

vintage sliding door to laundry room

So there you have it!! I still hate doing laundry HAHA but it's nice to do it in a lovely space rather than chaos. I hope you have a FANTASTIC week and do something you LOVE that makes your soul happy! You deserve it!! 

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