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Simple Candle Holder for the Bathroom

diy bathroom candle holder
Hi friends! I hope you're starting out your week well. I decided to do a simple little DIY this weekend and wanted to share with you how I did it! It's so easy and you probably already have everything you need (I did)...

diy bathroom salt candle holder

All you'll need is a candle of your choice (I got mine at Aldi, they have the cutest marble candles right now) a jar and some Epsom salts. I used lavender scented Epsom salts for extra fragrance. 

You can grab a jar at Walmart or HERE and the Epsom salts HERE

I just filled up the jar a couple inches with the Epsom salts so that when the candle is in it, it stays down in the jar. The more you put the higher up the candle will be. Then I put it on a plate (optional) and stuck the candle in there. The Epsom salts will make it smell good even without the candle lit! It's the perfect little piece for a bathroom so it always smells good and looks super cute!

epsom salt as bathroom decor

epsom salt in jar as decor

candle jar with epsom salt

epsom salt bathroom candle holder

vintage navy and gold bathroom decor

gold and gray bathroom

Just adds a little something to a regular ol candle in the bathroom and makes it more decorative. Super short post but it's something anyone can do! I hope you got some inspiration today and have a fantastic rest of the week!! Do something that makes you happy this week!! Tag me on Facebook and Instagram if you recreate this!

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candle in a jar to make it larger