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Friday, August 9, 2019

Refreshing My Parent's House: Living Room

Hello! I'm back with another view of my parent's house. I started recently going through their home and freshening it up a bit. Last time I showed you one of their entry ways. You can go back and find that HERE and today we're in the living room! This is my favorite room in the house. Let's go see what it looked like before...

These before pictures were taken in a darker time of the day and my kiddos had already been at it dragging toys around but you get the idea. The couch was against the wall and I wanted to cozy it up a bit. It's such a large room and it really needed something in the center to anchor and center up the fireplace. Also the rug is a great size but it was just floating in the center of the room instead of holding the couch down. I like to always put the front legs of my furniture on the rug and make sure the rug sticks out on the sides at least a foot. Rugs that are too small can make the room look smaller and doesn't anchor your furniture down.

And here's the after!

Notice the rug placement ;)

Just like the entry way and every other part of their house I've gotten my hands on, this makeover cost zero dollars to complete. I just shopped the house and moved around furniture.
Moving the couch to the center of the room in front of the fireplace was the biggest change I made. I moved the rug underneath the couch more and centered everything with it. 

I moved some of the chairs around and left most of the decor as it was except for the things I got rid of ;) I donated a few items in here that just didn't really go or have any sentimental value. I wanted it to be more neutral in here with pops of red and yellow. Adding any more color to such a large busy roomo would have made it look even busier.
My mom collects crosses from all over and has them on that back wall. I love them.

THIS CHAIR is a conversation starter. They found it in New Mexico. It's made with old truck springs and other metal materials I have no clue what they are. It rocks on the springs and is surprisingly very comfortable! It's super unique and took forever to get made and shipped here.

And that's it! It was super fun cozying up this space for them. It feels like a new living room with no money spent! I can't wait to have a fire in here this winter. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I'll be back with some more of my parent's house soon! 

Love you, 

Let's be friends!!

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