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New House! Spring Home Tour with Video

floral spring home decor
 Hey friends! Long time no see! Happy New Year! LOL I can't believe it's already March!! It's been a whirlwind of crazy over here lately. Some of you know the scoop but others don't. I will definitely put my words into a post at some point I just don't think I'm ready... Thank you for respecting that! Anyway... part of the long story short, I'm in a new home!  If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram then you know we sold our lovely farmhouse and I'm now in a different place. A place where I feel SO safe and at home and I never want to leave. I've completely fallen in love with this home and it's the best feeling. 

spring home decor

Yes I miss the farmhouse but It's just different here... can't really explain it but I'll get into that another time. For now I want to show you what the new house looks like currently!

I recently did some early spring/ summer decorating in here and decided I'd brighten up your wintery eyes and show you the floral wonderland I created in my home! Lots of pastel colors and flowers fill it up and I think I actually love decorating for spring more than Christmas... SHHHH DONT TELL!!!!

linen chesterfield sofa in living room

vintage gallery wall around tv

Wallpaper/Contact paper HERE

chesterfield sofa with vintage decor

linen chesterfield sofa with floral pillows

vintage floral spring home tour

I didn't buy any new spring decor. Just used what I had already and added real plants in every corner i could shove them in.


I just added some faux tulips in my main bathroom for spring. You can get them HERE.

This kitchen is way too fancy for me, Y'all. I do use the stove but I mostly consider it "furniture" LOL I also wasn't sure how the black counters would go with my vintagy, style but it actually contrasts really well. 

I'm loving adding to my vintage plate wall as I find little plates at the thrift store. It makes me super happy. Also, this is a new home but the floors creak in places and it reminds me of my little farmhouse. I wasn't sure how I would like living in a new construction rather than an old farmhouse but it has been the best move. I don't have to worry about anything going out or fixing anything because it's new AND I know the builder so it's easy to get something fixed. I'll get more into all of this later...

My bedroom makes me feel so calm. I was going to keep it super simple in here and leave some wall space blank... you see how long that lasted LOL but with my "more is more" motto, it is pretty simple in here and I love just putting on a record and opening the windows and sitting in here sometimes. It brings me so much peace. 
My pink bedspread is from Aldi! Can you believe that!?

In spring I love adding little pops of pink and blue and putting flowers in every space... including my shower ;)

That completes the spring/summer tour!

I'll be doing a full home tour with sources for each room (each room will have a separate post) asap but I wanted to get this one up first to boost your spring spirits! Start adding little pops of color and greenery in your homes and watch how it warms your heart :) why am I so cheezy? 

Love you all! Thank you for all of the love on social lately. I have so much love in my heart and peace in my soul and you guys have really helped with that. 

You can watch the video tour on my YouTube HERE!

Love you, 

Let's be friends!!

PS- what do you think about me doing SOME beauty videos? Not really make up cause I'm no expert on that (or anything really haha) but more clothing, hair and skincare?? I'd love to hear your thoughts! Let me know on Facebook and Instagram