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Spring Cleaning! How I Spring Clean my Home Easy and Quick

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Hey you lovely friends! Spring is in the air!! Well it was for a couple days here in Missouri but it sure did inspire me! I hope you're all doing well and keeping to yourselves with this crazy virus going around... it's pretty crazy out there! I've been enjoying being home (introvert vibes) and spending some of my time deep cleaning all of the things! No excuses! I just wanted to share with you what I do when I deep clean. Let's get to it!...

So I like to start in the main area of the house. That's just where we spend the most time. I shared a video HERE of how I spring cleaned my living room. I like to zone off spaces so it's not super overwhelming... I'll do my living room area first, kitchen, then "hallway" which is just the rest of the main area and entry, the dining room, my bedroom and bathroom and then the "kid zone" so their rooms and bathroom. This is new for me in this house but the other house was kind of the same way... I like to move everything, clean and then put it all back together. It just feels fresher this way... I will start by getting all of my white throw rugs and putting them in the washer with bleach. I'll also throw in my most used white towels with it cause I don't use bleach that often. Then I will do the rest of the throw rugs that are washable without bleach. Wash all bedding together and while the laundry goes we clean the "zones"... I like to take out rugs first and leave the sweeping and moping for last to make sure nothing gets wiped onto the floor after cleaning the floors (frustrating) So let's break it down!

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In the living room I start out by moving everything and wiping EVERYTHING down. all the nic nacs and tables, books, windows, everything! Throw the pillows and throw blankets in the wash. Move out all the furniture (this is part of the "zoning") just shove everything into another zone. Roll up any rugs you may have and sweep and mop. I don't use chemicals to clean except for in my toilets so I just use water for the floors. I feel it's better for these wood floors too. Then I put everything back, light a candle and enjoy! 

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In the kitchen I like to start by doing all of the dishes, moving out the long rug (small rug will be in the wash) and stools, putting everything on the island that's on the other counters and filling up the coffee pot with water and vinegar and running it through. I then put all of the things on the counters onto the island to get them out of the way. Wipe down the counter tops and back splash with water and a cloth. Wipe down the window and the faces of the cabinets. I will wipe down the outside of the dishwasher and turn it on a cleaning cycle and wipe down the front and top of the stove. I clean the grates of the stove in the sink with dish soap and water and let them dry while I clean. after I wipe down the counters I go into the drawers and take everything out of each one and wipe it down. (I usually do inside of the cabinets like once a year, where as this routine I will do every season and because I just moved in here a couple months ago I didn't really see the need for the yearly routine yet) Then I put everything back on the counters where it goes and wipe each item as I go. Put out some fresh flowers, open the window and you're done! Doing all of that took me less than 30 minutes to do. I'm not perfect with it and move fast so it's saves a lot of time. 

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In the Dining Area I just wipe down the table and chairs (legs and all) move the table and chairs and rug. Shake out the rug outside or vacuum it then sweep and mop. Then I'll take everything out of the china cabinet and wipe it down. Wipe down the outside of the cabinet as well. The pantry I just organized but when I wipe down and re organize the cabinets in the kitchen I'll wipe those shelves down too. Just not necessary right now but I did open the doors and sweep the floor and tidy it up a bit. Move everything back, put out a pretty colorful center piece on the table and you're DONE! 

The "Hallway" I just moved out the desk and rug by the front door and swept and mopped with the same stuff I used before and wiped down the front door. Easy and quick!

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I haven't gotten to my Master or the Boys Bedrooms yet but when I do I plan to move out the beds and vacuum under. Same with the side tables. I'll wipe everything down on the tables and clean the windows. Wipe down the tv's and wipe off anything on shelves and so on. Move everything back and vacuum the rest of the room. Simple!

In My Bathroom I'll just remove everything from the counters and wipe them down. Rugs will already be in the wash... Spray some bleach in the toilet so it sets while I clean. Wipe down the mirror and wipe down the outside of the cabinets. I definitely will take everything out of the drawers and wipe them out as well. Making sure, as I put everything back, to quickly wipe it down (makeup and products can get super gross) next, sweep and mop and scrub the toilet inside and out and make sure to get the floor around it as well (5 YR OLD BOY PROBS) My closet I'll just vacuum but I do that pretty regularly. Then it's done!

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The Boys Bathroom is pretty much the same but I'll scrub the tub too. Take everything out, spray bleach in the toilet, wipe down, sweep and mop, scrub toilet and tub and all is good! You're probably wondering why I won't be cleaning MY shower and that's because I do it while I'm in there. I keep a scrub brush for the tile and floor and a cloth to wipe down the doors. Saves lots of time and energy!

And that's it friends! If I had already lived here longer I would also dust my walls and ceilings and light fixtures but I don't see the need seeing as it's a new house and I just got here but when I'm here for a while and develop a more in depth cleaning routine I'll be sure to share it with you! 

I do want to say this is not an overwhelming routine. If it was, I definitely wouldn't do it. I'm lazy y'all! I swear! I can't sit still LOL BUUUUT I like easy and quick and I've found not trying to be a perfectionist about it, moving quickly, not using a bunch of different cleaning products and multi tasking has helped me a LOT. Set a timer and try to do one room (depending on the amount of stuff) in 15-30 minutes! It's a great work out too! I also pretty much keep up with my home everyday (picking up, and cleaning as I see the need) so it makes it easy when times like "spring cleaning" come along. I hope you enjoyed and got some spring cleaning inspiration! HAPPY ALMOST SPRING!!  WEEEEEEEE!!!!! 

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