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Washi Tape Wall Treatment

washi tape as a wall treatmentHello Friends! What a crazy world we're in right now isn't it? I thought I'd share something happy for you today and hopefully help get your mind off of things for a minute. Maybe even spark an idea in your head for a DIY project in your home! Might as well while we're stuck inside! I did this washi tape wall a few weeks ago and I wanted to get on here and share how I did it and give you a few tips for you to do it in your own home...

washi tape accent wall

How to make washi tape stripes on the wall

Washi tape accent wall in bedroom

Here's all you'll need:

//Washi tape of choice. My gold one you can find HERE
//Box knife. Linking one HERE
(you might want a level or a measuring stick if you're super picky but I just eyeballed mine)

Gold washi tape accent wall how to


As most of my projects go, I did this on a whim not knowing what I was doing so as I went I learned a few tricks. I started on the edges and worked my way in but as I got further I realized I should have done the two edges, done the middle, then filled in on the two sides to make them completely even. 
Mine just happened to work out to where they ended up all pretty much a foot apart.  If you mess up it's super easy to take off and re adjust but just be careful not to stretch it too much or it will go crooked. The edges are the hardest part but after that it goes pretty smoothly.

All I did was eyeball about a foot apart after doing the edges first, place my tape on the top of the wall leaving a little excess sticking to the ceiling and held out the roll of tape with one hand slowly bringing it down and letting it unroll while eyeballing all the way down to the line next to it making sure it's staying the same distance apart and smoothing it to the wall slowly with my other hand. It is easy to get it slanted so that's why I would recommend a measuring tool if you're worried about it being perfect. Just make sure you're keeping the same distance all the way down as you go. Take your time. I was not worried about perfection and some of them are a little crooked in places but furniture mostly covers it and I don't mind it. Then go back to the top and cut the excess off with your box knife and do the same at the bottom. Don't cut the strips in advance. That's too much of a headache. 

I plan on doing other areas in my home with this because I have a ton left on this roll of tape so when I do that I will try and do a video to show you. I hope this helps! 

gold washi tape accent wall behind bed

washi tape accent wall

gold washi tape accent wall in bedroom

I love this wall. I think it adds a little sparkle in here and it definitely fit in with the look I was going for and for WAY cheap! I only bought one roll and I could definitely do several more walls with what's left. I didn't even make a dent in it. 
I hope this was helpful and gave you some inspiration. I'm praying for everyone right now. Stay safe and healthy!

Love you, 

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