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Christmas Tree Decor with Frames

What up friends!!! I seriously can't believe it's almost Christmas.... I have been SLACKING! It's been a rough ride over here but I'm starting to have hope for the future as things have calmed down a lot and I've gotten my creative spark back. I wanted to get on and show you how I decorated my tree this year. I've never done anything like this before...

I saw an Instagram friend, Classy Clutter HERE share that she was putting picture frames on her tree. I absolutely fell in love with the idea because I wanted a way to honor and bring in my grandparents into my Christmas decor. I've lost both of them this year and I miss them terribly. Having their pictures around gives me comfort. I decided I'd get these 4x6 frames from Amazon HERE (affiliate link) and put some black and white pictures I already had in them. I put my grandparents front and center on top of the tree. All I did to attach the frames was make a loop with some string to hook it on to the branches. Wire would have worked better but I had string on hand. 

I added in some of my favorite pictures of the boys. Some ornaments and flowers I already had, gold and black ribbon, and some ornaments I made HERE to bring in some color. I grabbed the tree collar at Aldi recently.

This tree is so beautiful but it's so hard to decorate. It wasn't meant to be decorated. It very much resembles a real tree so I usually put lights on and call it good. This is probably the last year it will be in my living room so I wanted to do it up pretty!! I stuck with gold, black and burgundy and I'm loving this combo. 
That's my very weird, whimsical, crazy tree!! Haha I hope you liked it and I hope you got some inspiration for your own home. See you soon for another night time tour! Thanks for stopping by! 

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