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Winter Living Room Decor and Some Christmas Presents to Myself

Hello my lovely people. I hope you're all well! I don't know about you all but I am kind of a Grinch when it comes to Christmas decor after Christmas. I once took the tree down on Christmas day... after Chrismtas all I can think of is the warmer months ahead (my favorite time of year) and the Christmas decor just HAS to go. But this year is a little different...

Yes, I took my main tree down but I left up some of the little sparkly pieces that just make me happy and all the entry way trees. I usually take out ALL of the Christmas and winter decor right away because I just get way too excited for spring. I know, winter just started... haha but I am a dreamer and love thinking about what I want to accomplish in the spring/summer. I left all my cozy blankets and velvet pillows and some winter items because #2020 and I'm loving the cozy feeling right now. It's been such a rough year so having a cozy and happy home to de stress in has been such a relief.

I recently got this chandelier and shared all about how I hung it up myself over on Facebook and Instagram. It was such a powerful moment for me because I am single and I'm learning how to do these things on my own. To some it may seem small but for me, I've never taken a ceiling fan down before and having the vaulted ceilings, my fear of heights and working with something I've never worked with gave me so much anxiety. I was going to have my friend come help me but I decided I would try to do it myself because if they can do it, why can't I? I got it up before work one day and it feels like it was always meant to be here!! I also did a small diy to it. I painted the candle stick parts black (they were white) and it adds so much to it and makes it a bit more modern to fit in with my eclectic style. You can find the chandelier HERE.

I also recently got this coffee table. I wanted something round and clear so you can still see the rug since this is such a small room. I love it but with two boys... FINGERPRINTS!!! Oh well. I just have to wipe it off a lot LOL. I love how it goes in here and while I was at it, I got this lovely lady. She doesn't have a name yet but she sure is pretty!! Find the coffee table HERE and bust HERE.

I decided I would keep some of the Christmas in my entry way because I recently got all these trees on sale at walmart and I'm just not ready to give up the glow just yet. I love how they look all grouped together so they will stay for a bit. This is so not like me but this year is so not like any other year so why not just make the best of it?

That's it for my winter living room tour! I hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration for your own home! All the links (affiliate links) are down below! I'm all about finding quality for low prices so none of it is pricy at all. That chandelier looks like it should be so much more than it is!! Have a beautiful week and a safe New Year, friends!! 

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            Coffee Table HERE
            Chandelier HERE
            Rug HERE
            Bust HERE
            Leopard Pillow HERE
            Wine Velvet Pillow HERE
            Black Velvet Pillow HERE
            Sconces HERE