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Halloween Dining Table 5 Ways

Halloween table decor

Hey, you!! Happy to see you here! I hope your week is treating you beautifully. I'm in the mood for some holiday parties and get togethers. I'm trying to decide if I want to have a Halloween party? Christmas party? Maybe both! If you're having a Halloween party, I put together some table decor for you to get some inspiration from...

These tables were super easy to create. If you're looking for something simple with a big impact, you're in the right place! I didn't buy anything new for these and just used what I had. Here are 5 ways to decorate your table for Halloween!

simple fall table

Easy halloween decor

\\1// Simple candles and garland 

I just lined my table with some fall garland and stuck some black candles in my vintage candle sticks. It would be so pretty on a long table with lots of candles or grouped in the center of a round table. So simple but one of my favs!

Pumpkin table setting

Halloween table

Halloween and fall table

Halloween dining room decor

\\2// Stacks of pumpkins

Again I just took a fun fall garland and started stacking pumpkins on it. I love how messy this one is. Just looks kinda natural. I put a couple pumpkins laying on their sides to make it look more organic. I also used some big candle sticks to elevate a couple small pumpkins. So fun!

pumpkin table decor

pumpkin dining table decor

halloween table decor

\\3// Another pumpkin stack 

For this one I just grabbed a large tray and stuck a bunch of pumpkins on it with a vase. Super easy and would be so cute on a round table! 

functional halloween table

Wine halloween centerpiece

wine as centerpiece

drink and candle on tray

\\4// Functional tray

I love making centerpieces pretty as well as functional. This one is super easy to put together. Just grab your favorite drink, some glasses, a candle and some fall/Halloween accessories. 

skeleton centerpiece

Halloween table decor

halloween party ideas

Halloween party decorations

\\5// Skeleton centerpiece

Last but definitely not least, this simple skeleton floral arrangement. I love this one! It's so cute and I love how low to the table it is so you can still talk to your friends across the table. I grabbed a fake spiderweb as a runner and laid down my skeleton. I just stuck some loose flowers in his bones and surrounded him in candles. So simple but so cute!!
That's all for today folks! Let me know if you got any inspiration for your own home/party this year! I'd love to chat with you on facebook and instagram! 

As always, every click on my blog means the absolute world to me. Thank you so much for being here!

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