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New Dining Room Buffet

Vintage sideboard buffet in dining room

Yall. I. Am. Obsessed. I can't believe I finally found this beauty!! I put it out there recently that I wanted a vintage big beautiful buffet for this area in my dining room. I had a few friends send me one that was so pretty but needed completely redone. I was willing to do it bu by the time I messaged the lady about it, it had already sold. Bummer! But I knew something even better would come along...

A couple days later a friend of mine was doing some work in one of her buildings downtown and spotted his beast. She sent me a picture and asked if it was what I was looking for. Ummmmm YES!!! She hooked me up with the store owner and we got the price right for us both and me and a friend got it home to my house. 

vintage sideboard bar

Vintage dresser as bar

Urbane bronze with wood

Vintage buffet bar

Funny story: I was under the impression that this store was literally right across the street from the store I work at downtown so my plan was to grab it before work and just wheel it across the street to my store until I could get it into a truck and back to my house because her hours were a little different than my hours. (She opened after us and closed earlier than us) Welllllllllll.... turns out she moved to another street a couple years ago. OOPS! I finally found her store and called my friend and said I made an oopsies. I was willing to wheel it 3 blocks to my store until my friend could get a truck to help me. Yeah they didn't like that idea too much lmao so luckily my sweet friend was able to get a truck and we just put it in there until I got off work and could get it back to my house. Getting it inside was a battle. It truly is a beast. But we did it! And it was so worth it. 

Vintage sideboard buffet in dining room

Vintage buffet

Buffet in dining room as bar

It definitely needs some work but I do not want to paint it. I'm normally someone who will just paint anything but this guy is different. I want to somehow figure out how I can fix the spots that are damaged and somehow keep the color that it is because I just love the color of this thing. So pretty and I definitely want to keep the wood. It's gorgeous. 

Modern vintage dining room

Moody dining room decor

Dining room buffet bar

Sideboard in dining room

I think it just completes my dining room! I love it. Let me know what you think on socials and thank you as always for being here. You the baddest. 

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