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Organization Items I Purchased and Love: Exposing my drawers!


Happy Friday!! It's a new year and I'm on an organization BINGEEEE!!! I'm losing it over here getting rid of all the things and starting fresh. I have way too much stuff... I'm a maximalist for sure and I love my stuff BUT, I don't love useless stuff. So I'm getting rid of everything I don't need and don't use...
I started organizing my kitchen cabinets. I just truly couldn't take it anymore. I wish I had before photos because it was so bad but basically, every drawer was a junk drawer and every cabinet was confusing and I couldn't get to things... It was just a mess. Now listen... this isn't going to be an aesthetically pleasing organization post ok... I'm not that person that takes my juice out of the carton to put it in another clear carton or the person that puts my tide pods in a pretty jar. I love those videos, don't get me wrong but ya girl doesn't have the energy for all that. I grabbed things that I knew would function well and didn't care what color they were because they're going to be shut in a drawer. And honestly, the pop of color is kinda fun! 

This cabinet used to be full of Tupperware, candles, food, play dough, all kinds of stuff!! I decided to change it up and make it my spice, tea, water bottle, first aid cabinet. Is that much better? Probably not. But at least everything has a spot now. 

The large basket I got from Aldi... RUN TO ALDI and grab these baskets. I have them everywhere now! This basket holds all of our first aid. The clear lid containers my tea is in are also from Aldi but you can get them anywhere. The spice shelf is expandable to make it larger or smaller.  It's from Amazon HERE. My spices were in my silverware drawer before so I feel like I'm doing better already. 

This cabinet was probably worse than the other one. It had all kinds of glassware, broken glasses, medication, toys, water bottles, stuff stacked up... it was truly a mess. Looking at it now, makes me so happy!! I decided to take advantage of veridical (how did I not know there were two "i's" in veridical? wow. Anyway... Veridical space and use this hanging basket for my tupperware lids. I still have medications up there, some glassware and coozies for guests, my daily vitamins, straws and tupperware. The gold basket came from Walmart forever ago and the white hanging basket you can get HERE.

This silverware tray is so cute and functional. It expands to make the sides bigger if you need. My drawer is super wide so I found this to be perfect. You can get it HERE. The white tray is from walmart years ago. 

This thing excited me a bit too much. I loved the color and again love using the veridical space. You can grab it HERE.

I decided to grab a few of these stands for my open shelving to use the veridical space and be able to stack more on them. They're pretty and functional! Grab them HERE.

These clear bins have been so great for my junk drawers. Yes I said drawers... They're the perfect size and fit lots of stuff. Shallow enough and using multiple really organizes a drawer nicely! You can get a set HERE.

This peg board situation is a little different but we have been LOVING IT!!! It was super easy to install and holds my boys toy guns beautifully! They love being able to see all of them and I love having them up off the floor. You can grab the peg board HERE and the pegs HERE. I also put THIS shelf in my entry closet (I forgot a pic) and It's been great for... again... that veridical space!!

That's it for the organization for now. I'm going crazy with it so I'm sure I'll be back with more. Also, I apologize for the lack of Christmas blogs. It just got away from me quick! Have a happy week and thanks for reading <3

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