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Record Gallery Wall Tour

Happy Friday my friend! I wanted to take you on a gallery wall journey today. It's a fun one!! I decided when I did my first record gallery wall, that I would put one in every building/home I own. So far I've done that...
This one here is the first one I ever did. I got a bunch of records from my dad and grandpa and had some wall space to fill. I ended up just finding some black and white ones and using thumb tacks inside the sleeve to hang them up. It's such a simple and unexpected way to fill a lot of wall space. 
This gallery wall was in my farmhouse. You can see a tour of that HERE

This next one is one I did in my current house. I've since redecorated it and you can see how I re did it HERE. But it was so fun while it lasted! I wasn't sure how to spice up this little hallway and went with my old tried and true favorite. 

These next two are currently up in my Event Space and my current home. The first one is the Event Space. It's a cute and fun conversation piece and goes along with the theme of a fun and happy space. I started this gallery wall with lots of colorful sleeves and records and I didn't like it as much. I switched it up and brought it back to the neutral color pallet and I like it so much more. The color can work somewhere, I just haven't found it in my world yet. But stay tuned!! 

This next one is my current bedroom. I hung these up and hung my tv on top. I love how it turned out! It's such a pretty backdrop for a tv. If you know me... you know I hate tv's and how they look.. so I always try to dress mine up. I spray painted this one gold haha  you can see that HERE

I have a plan to put another record gallery wall in my Vacation Rental as well. It's gonna be big and so fun!! I will share that when I get to it. I also have lots of plans for adding more of my touch up there in the Loft I will share here soon! 

Record gallery walls can really work everywhere. I've put them in an old farmhouse, a new construction house and a 122 year old building in downtown Excelsior Springs MO... and I will continue to prove that they work everywhere in every space I own! LOL If you try it out, send it to me! I'd love to see!! 

I just used tacks and small nails to hang up all the records and record sleeves. 

Thanks for stopping by! I'll be back next week with another post! Have a happy day, friends!

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