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My 2024 Decor Predictions


Happy Friyay!! I this post is finding you well. I've been seeing a lot of cool design trends lately and I wanted to share my thoughts on some of them. I'm really excited for this year in the design world because I totally see my style in a lot of the trends going around...

This year I see the colors switching from light and bright to moody and masculine. Which is SO my vibe. I see a lot of rich wood tones showing back up and a lot of collected decor rather than your big box furniture. All of these things just get me soooo excited!!! These design trends are already fully at play by designers, I just see them going more mainstream soon. Let's see what's coming in 2024 according to lil ol me. All photos came from Pinterest.

First: Moody, muted, deep, yummy color pallets. 

Even if you love Gray, I see the grays going into a warmer tone. Lots of burgundy, navy blue, woodsy green tones. I feel like we've been in the light and bright era for a while now and it's still beautiful, but I can see a lot of folks getting bold and trying some color out and a great way to do that is through muted jewel tones. I painted my closet, hallway, bathroom and dining room in these deep rich colors and I still love the look. 

Monochromatic trim and wall color.

I absolutely love this look and think it is so chic and makes your space instantly look designer. It's such an easy way to get away from the builder grade look and truly makes a big statement. I did this in my dining room and I love it. 

Painted/wallpapered ceilings are such a fun way to add color without going crazy with it.

I adore a ceiling moment and I really love a wallpapered ceiling. It's unexpected and truly just ties a space in a nice pretty bow! I painted my bedroom ceiling black, my hallway ceiling the same color as the walls and I wallpapered my entry way ceiling. I'm still loving it to this day and I hope to do more! This trend isn't going anywhere anytime soon. 

Pattern Mixing is one of my favorite things. 

They used to say "you cant mix x pattern with y pattern" girl shhhhhh. Yes you can! Get whimsical and eclectic with it! When it comes to decor, don't think too much... I promise you'll be happier :)

Plaid is huge right now and I'm obsessed with it!!!

I love everything from plaid wall paper to plaid rugs to plaid drapes. It's all so classy and beautiful to me and an easy way to mix patterns if you're nervous about it. Plaid goes with everything! 

Collected furniture is in and matching sets are out. 

The most beautiful decor to me is collected. When none of it came from the same place but somehow all makes sense. I love mis matching chairs and bedroom furniture. Second hand is the way to go for this. 

Rich wood tones are making a huge comeback. 

I am in love with wood cabinets, wood trim and deep rich wood floors. The lighter colors are pretty... but the rich tones are coming in quite rapidly lately. 

Terracotta Flooring.. I know, I know. The 90's called... and she's coming back. 

90's has been seen a lot in fashion as we've seen but I see it coming back a lot in decor too. I'm not mad. The 90's were the best! I'm seeing a lot of terracotta flooring and also just organic tiles. I love the rustic look of it. 

This doesn't even scratch the surface of what's to come in design, but these are the trends that I'm most excited about. As I was going through them and seeing how much I've already done, maybe they're not coming back and I'm just over here trying to justify my weird design choices? Who knows. HA! I'm just excited to see all this lovely decor alive and well. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
Sources: All photos came from Pinterest. 

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