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Back of Couch Blankets


A trend I'm loving right now... Back of couch blankets... I didn't have a better name to call them. But I am loving the pop of color it adds in my living room. I also included some inspiration photos I found on Pinterest. So let's go take a looksie!!...

I found this cutie at Homegoods and knew it needed to live on the back of my couch. I love the functionality it adds by protecting the back of the couch from dogs and kids but it also looks so cute! I love the pop of color and it just feels like the little touch my couch needed. 

Here are some other inspo photos I came across on Pinterest. I love how chic it looks tucked behind the cushions. It's a great way to add some color or pattern without getting too crazy. I Think I'll always have one now! You could use any blanket but I think the flat ones (no pom poms or fluffy blankets) look best. 

The Heart and Haven 

Chris Loves Julia 

I love how they added a fall inspired blanket in this one. It really brings all the colors together!
Life on Summer Hill


They really are so chic and its a much more "designer" way to add a blanket to a couch. You could also do some sort of tapestry on the back of the couch for an even more designer look! I couldn't find any photos of this but I'm picturing like a landscape tapestry on the back of a couch. Super unique and I love the idea of that! 

I gotta get better at picture taking lolololol thanks for being here anyway... 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I'll be back with more stuff to share next week! SMOOCH!!

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