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Another.... Dining Room Refresh


That's right. I refreshed my dining room... again... but listen! I finally am in love with it...
So ever since I stopped drinking, and I never have friends over.... I've had no need for a "bar". I used to use my Bartesian like it was a coffee machine so that had to go and now I've converted this space to my coffee/healthy drink station!

I decided to add my coffee machine over here and all my green/healthy drinks. Frees up counter space in my kitchen and when they're put in pretty jars, It acts as decor!

I chose to cover up all the little nail holes in my wall with another gallery wall. I just went around my house and put this together. I think it turned out cute! I grabbed this runner and the flowers from my store (Solana on Broadway) and just styled a little bit. 

Here's a little before...

And after...

I'm loving how functional it is now. Just feels so much better over here. 

I hope you enjoyed this little look into what my dining room looks like now haha I'm loving it! The paint color is Silhouette by Benjamin Moore (VERY similar to Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams) it's one of my favorite colors. It's a deep warm gray. SO GOOD!!! Looks beautiful paired with wood, gold, and black. 

Thanks for being here friends! 
Love you

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