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An Entry Upgrade!


Happy Friday!! Finally getting around to sharing this space but I'm kinda glad all the hiccups happened because I didn't have this beautiful console table before!! Isn't she pretty...

Jason and I love to go wandering through Homegoods quite often. I ran into these GORG lamps recently on one of our trips there and I absolutely could not leave the store without them. The marble bottom, the gold birds and the scalloped shade had me in love instantly! I put them on my other console table and thought I couldn't love the space any more... until...... we were once again perusing the aisles of Homegoods and came across this console that was WAY on clearance because of a dent in the side that's barely noticeable, especially when its concealed by a plant. 

The console table is wrapped in fabric. I love that detail. I love the combination of the masculine, straight line, black metal railing mixed with the soft, curved feminine console table. This space makes me super happy! I had to re frame my center photo with another poster frame because the other one fell and broke. I thought a more intricate frame would be cool, so I grabbed one from At Home and had Jason hang it back up properly LOL. You can see how I originally made these frames and hung them over my stairs HERE. They're somewhat crooked/off center but I'll fix that later ;) 

When styling this, I wanted it to give "hotel lobby" vibes. I kept it simple with a stack of books and a candle and the two lamps. Its functional, light, simple and I'm very happy!! 

Let me know what you think on FB and IG! Thanks a bunch for being here. See ya again soon!

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