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Starting to move in

Yay!! We've started moving stuff in! We still have two bedrooms to go but we're going to finish the guest bedroom this week (hopefully!) and work on the master while we're living there. Taylor patched the huge holes in the wall in the guest bedroom. He put a new sheet of dry wall up and it looks so much better. No more looking at pipes!
I just need to paint it and then we can start on the floor. 

B's room is DONE!! He has a full size bed in there because we have some guests coming to stay with us and he sleeps in our room anyway... Here he is enjoying it! 

And here's a sneak peak of his room :)

My grandpa made this toy chest in 1954 for my dad. They moved here recently from Ohio and brought us a bunch of goodies! We're so happy they're finally here! This was one of them. 

It's so cute and goes with b's room so well! 

We hung curtains throughout the house too :)

Here's my grandparents hutch they gave us. I love antiques and this thing is gorgeous! They also gave us their dining room set along with a bunch of other things still in our garage. I have yet to go through all of it but as I do I'll post pictures! 

The dining room walk way needed a little something so I found these shelf brackets (I think that's what you call them...) at a flea market and painted them black then just nailed them into the corners! It makes such a huge statement for such a little project. 

And here's a sneak peek of our living room. We moved in the couches and a few tables. I can't wait to live here. I fall more in love everyday. 

Have a great week!!
 I hope the next post will be more exciting!

-xo Savanna