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Getting Closer

Well as usual things aren't going to plan! We're hoping to be in by the end of the month. We have some electrical issues and we need to replace some dry wall in the guest bedroom before we can move forward in there. But on the plus side I got the bathroom, laundry, and living room done! 

I just painted in the bathroom. We're leaving the floor in here because it just needs a good cleaning. 

Here is the living room. Its FINISHED! Yay!! I'm not going to show full pictures until I get it all decorated :)

Bjorns room...

Taylor and his friend Ian got Bjorns floor all done. It looks great! 
Here he is enjoying it!

We put some extra base board wood in the windows to finish them off a bit. Ideally we want to put molding around all of  them but that's out of the budget for right now. Someday though!

We did have enough left over to do the window in the dining room... 
It looks so much bigger!

Here it is painted...

We started the baseboards in B's room and finished them in the living and laundry rooms. I started painting B's baseboards so they just need to be nailed in and finished with quarter round.

I can't wait to decorate this side porch. I see myself spending most of my time out here and I cant wait to hear the rain on the tin roof!

Soon my boys will be playing in their paradise. I can't wait!! 

Hope you are having a wonderful rainy Wednesday!!
-xo Savanna