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Laundry Room

Well we're making more progress!! We moved a few more things and I decorated part of the laundry room/ mud room....

That back door is so old. I love how heavy it is and when it shuts it makes such a lovely noise... It sounds weird but I love the sound it makes!
Its kind of dingy but I like it that way.... I'm a weirdo!

Because its summer, I added a sun hat to the door. I thought it fit the theme... Country summer.

We don't have all of our things out of storage yet so I was limited as to what I could put in the space. I had a shutter and an old picture frame, so I put them together. A picture of us at our wedding in black and white, an old garage sale lamp and basket with fake flowers complete the look I was going for.

The dresser was a $10 garage sale find. It looked like the picture above when we bought it. Taylor of course thought I was crazy but I had a vision!!
Here it is after. It will hold some of our cleaning supplies because with an old house you get VERY limited closet space! What am I going to do with all of my shoes?! UGH... That's a thought for another day....

It fits perfectly in the laundry room and Thursday our washer and dryer come! (I hope they fit!) Then I can finish the room.
Stay tuned!!!!!!
-xo Savanna