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"Closet Cave" The Boy's New Hide Out!

turn a closet into a kids hideoutHope everyone is well! I've been dying to do projects around here cause I'm going a little crazy and was just looking around at places I could have some fun in and realized Rowen's closet is pretty much not being used. He has some hang up clothes but for the most part it just turned into a place to throw things in. I decided I'd surprise the boys with a little cave to hang out and watch movies in...

closet cave for kids

reading cave for kids

reading nook in the closet

reading room for kids

Super simple but so fun! All I did was shop my house for artwork, a little throw rug and some pillows. I added the string lights and will use an extension cord to plug them in on the outside. Same with the tv. I've had a little tv since I was in college. It's tiny and fits perfect in here. They can just pop in a dvd and hang out now! The lights and tv make it a place they love to be in. Rowen's clothes are mostly in a dresser but the few shirts on hangers I just stuck in Bjorn's closet. Some wallpaper would be super fun in here but I didn't have any on hand. Maybe I'll add to it but for now, they're loving it. 

reading closet corner for kids

Here are the boys when they came home and I showed it to them. They loved it! But wouldn't sit still long enough for me to get a good picture lol 

Nothing major but i hope you enjoyed this little closet cave transformation! I hope you're all doing well and staying safe! Thanks for being here <3 

Love you, 

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