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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Dining Room Table Switch

Hope you're all well!! I have been loving the weather here the past couple days. High seventies and we've been spending lots of time outside. I've wanted to switch out my dining table for a while because the one I had was just too dark for that corner of my house. With the china cabinet and dark floors, I was wanting something lighter...

I didn't want to paint the old table or the china cabinet because they are both very old and from my grandparents and I just don't want to touch them with paint. And I love the color they are but for now it was just too much wood in one space for me. I needed white! Especially with summer approaching. Also I don't want my kids scuffing up the old beautiful wood table anymore than they already have. Also, ALSO, I wanted to lose the rug under the table because it is not easy to keep clean with these two boys. I wanted the table just on the floor so I can easily sweep around it but with the wood table, wood floors and wood china cabinet... It would have been very dark over here. I remembered I had an old table my dad made in my garage. I had already started painting it white for when I had it in my office at the old house but never finished. I decided to quickly finish painting it with some paint I found in the basement and do a little switch! Added some mismatched white chairs I had and it changed the whole space! I talked all about it in my instagram stories (saved under furniture painting highlight) 

Here's the before...

Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor

And the after!

A super simple and FREE change! I love how open and light it feels over here now. We are loving it so far. It's a small table but it's big enough for us and I love that my dad made it. I grew up with this table as a kid so it's fun to see it in a new light!

Thanks for coming to see what I'm up to and I hope you're all safe and well!

Love you, 

Let's be friends!!

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