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Dining Room Table Switch

vintage china cabinet in dining roomHope you're all well!! I have been loving the weather here the past couple days. High seventies and we've been spending lots of time outside. I've wanted to switch out my dining table for a while because the one I had was just too dark for that corner of my house. With the china cabinet and dark floors, I was wanting something lighter...

I didn't want to paint the old table or the china cabinet because they are both very old and from my grandparents and I just don't want to touch them with paint. And I love the color they are but for now it was just too much wood in one space for me. I needed white! Especially with summer approaching. Also I don't want my kids scuffing up the old beautiful wood table anymore than they already have. Also, ALSO, I wanted to lose the rug under the table because it is not easy to keep clean with these two boys. I wanted the table just on the floor so I can easily sweep around it but with the wood table, wood floors and wood china cabinet... It would have been very dark over here. I remembered I had an old table my dad made in my garage. I had already started painting it white for when I had it in my office at the old house but never finished. I decided to quickly finish painting it with some paint I found in the basement and do a little switch! Added some mismatched white chairs I had and it changed the whole space! I talked all about it in my instagram stories (saved under furniture painting highlight) 

Here's the before...

Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor

And the after!

white farmhouse table with mismatched chairs

white mixed dining room chairs with farmhouse table

mixed up dining room chairs

wildflowers on farmhouse table

Wildflowers in white pitcher as table decor

Colorful centerpiece

vintage mismatched plates in a gallery wall

A super simple and FREE change! I love how open and light it feels over here now. We are loving it so far. It's a small table but it's big enough for us and I love that my dad made it. I grew up with this table as a kid so it's fun to see it in a new light!

Thanks for coming to see what I'm up to and I hope you're all safe and well!

Love you, 

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