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Gold Painted Flowers on my Bathroom Wall

Rub n buff wall treatment

Hey you! Happy Easter!! It's super dreary here but we're planning to have a little egg hunt for the boys. Even if we have to do it inside. It'll be Rowens first egg hunt so it should be fun! First I wanted to show you how I achieved this gold flower wall in my bathroom yesterday...

Painted flowers on bathroom walls

Black granite in bathroom

flowers painted with finger in bathroom

I've been wanting flowers in here for a while and of course I first thought about wallpaper but then I had a friend come to visit and she told me I should just paint them! I was super nervous at first but as most of you know, I watercolor paint. So I just took what I learned from that and put it on the walls.
I started with a couple brushes and found that just using my finger was easier with this paint. I decided to go with Rub n Buff because of the gold color. You can get it HERE!

I was going to do color in here but then I did the gold stripes in my bedroom (you can read about that HERE) and I decided to just stick with the gold theme. I love how it turned out with the gold. Next is the closet ;)

Black white and gold master bathroom decor

wall flowers master bathroom

Because it's metallic it shines so when the light is on it, it looks much lighter so it's hard to get on camera but I love how it reflects different colors in different lighting!

I achieved the flowers by doing small lines in a small circle working my way out to the desired size I wanted. I made sure to keep it messy and not perfect because I love the look of whimsical flowers rather than realistic ones. 

gold painted flowers on the bathroom wall

gold painted flower wall treatment

black granite gold painted flowers on wall

That's it friends! It was super fun to just put paint on my hands and see what the end result turned into. I wasn't exactly picturing these exact flowers but this is what happened after I turned on some music and got to painting. So fun! I may add more later but I ran out of paint haha. But I achieved this look for just over $7 compared to way more using wallpaper and only around an hour to do!

I hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration for your own homes! 

Love you, 

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