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Faux Lamp in the Dining Room

faux lamp shade in dining room
Hey all you beautiful people! I hope you're all doing well. It's been a crazy time here lately but it's definitely brought out my creative side! I've done several little diy projects recently. This one is something I've wanted for a while but I'm all about saving some money. I wanted a lamp over my table ever since I moved in but that would require electrical work that I just don't want to do and really can't do at this time. I was rummaging around in my basement and found some things that sparked my creativity. I decided to make my own "light" with things I already had and no electricity required...

So below is what it looked like before I painted it. I asked you guys on Instagram what you all thought about the color. I originally wanted black but then kinda liked the light color of the original shade... But in the end you all agreed on black too so that's what I ended up doing and I LOVE it. I chose a matte finish so it kind of looks like metal and goes so well with all of the other light fixtures in the house (also black and chrome) and the railing on my stairs as well. It kind of adds a modern touch to this very shabby eclectic side of my house.

 Here's what you'll need! 

          //A lampshade of your choice 
          //Spray paint if you want to paint it HERE
          //A ceiling hook HERE (I had already put mine in the ceiling at this point so I just inserted a                  picture of one here. LOL you get the idea)
          //A chain (I already had one left over from my kitchen light fixtures)
          //Pliers to open the chain to hook it to the shade 
          //You can also put a puck light HERE into the shade to make it actually light up (I may add                     this later but it's not necessary as this is just for decoration)

All I did was put the hook in the ceiling where I wanted it and hang the chain down to get the length I wanted. Mine turned out being the exact length I wanted but you may need to remove some links. I painted the shade and preyed open the bottom link so that the shade could hook onto the chain link. It ended up perfect! 

It ended up turning out exactly how I wanted. No it doesn't work as a light but I have two lights in here already in the ceiling. I just needed something to hang down to take up the dead space in the air. My ceilings are super tall so it needed something fun and I think I achieved that for super cheap and easy! I love how it looks with the railing, black and white wallpaper (you can read more about that HERE) and the other light fixtures throughout the house.

I hope you enjoyed this and got some inspiration for your own home! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram HERE! I do daily stories and have a lot more content there.

Hope you're all well and thank you for stopping by! 

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