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A Vintage Bar Cart in the Dining Room

Vintage cart makeoverHappy weekend, friends! I hope you're all well. I wanted to come on here and share a little bar cart set up I made in my dining room. It's super simple and I just used things I already had laying around to create it...

Costco cart diy

bar cart diy

I got this vintage bar cart at a garage sale for $5 a few years ago. It's definitely one of my favorite finds. It used to be red with silver legs but I just took some white paint I had and some Rub N Buff HERE to make it my own. I love how it turned out. I added my picnic basket and some cook books to the bottom shelf, some glasses on the middle and all the things to make some tea or a fancy drink on top.

Vintage costco cart bar

costco cart diy

Vintage costco bar cart diy

I've fallen in love with drinking tea at night so having a spot for all of my tea things is great. I also have made a margarita or two over here... margaritas by the pool = summertime.

vintage bar cart makeover

tea cart makeover

vintage bar cart as home decor

I added some of my favorite garage sale and thrift store finds to hold my bottle opener, tea strainer, etc. These little shot glasses are from New Mexico. They remind me to work towards getting back to my favorite place (Taos, NM)

Dining room bar cart decor

Add a tea towel, a pretty picture and lamp for height and a plant and you're good to go! And no, my children have not tried to play with the glasses on the middle shelf. They know not to touch "moms stuff" ;) I hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration! I love this little set up over here. I think it'll stay a while... (we'll see LOL)
Have a wonderful weekend!

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