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Scallop Door Trim DIY with Video

Scallop Door Trim
Hey you! Happy middle of the week! I'm super excited to share this project with you. I have always loved scallops. I did them in the last house with our chalkboard HERE. Its just a fun and easy way to add some character to a plain paint project. When I saw that Ashley from athomewithashley.com painted scallops around her door frame HERE , I had the perfect place to do the same...

Scalloped painted door trim

Paint a scallop trim around doorways

This door frame that goes to my boys wing of the house is very tall and not framed out. I love how tall this door frame is because it just makes the ceilings taller and you can see all the way into the hallway. I wanted to add something to it and when I saw how Ashley spruced up her door frame in her bathroom I just had to try it here and let me tell you... it made SUCH a huge difference. Now the door frame looks even taller and really brings your eyes up to the vaulted ceilings.

Painted frame around door

Door trim diy with paint

Scallop painted white around door opening

Door trim diy

Add scallop paint around door with no frame

I also love how it adds a bit of a feminine touch and a little bit of character. I really am in love with it! It frames my little record gallery wall so well too. I've done scallops in the past... this is one that I did with a chalkboard in our old house. It turned a simple chalkboard into such a cute conversation starter. 

Scallop finish on chalkboard

Scalloped door trim

I put together a little how to video on how I made the scallops here...

DIY door trim with no tools

Scalloped door frame idea

This project was super fun and easy to do. I love how it turned out! I hope you got some inspiration for your home and have a great rest of your week!!

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