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New Chairs in the Dining Room

acrylic furniture in the dining roomHello my friends! I hope you're all well <3 I made a change over here. I swear I didn't plan on this at all!! I was looking for bar stools for my island and I stumbled across these beauties after a friend mentioned I should look at acrylic bar stools. I saw these and blacked out and then they were sitting at my front door...

acrylic dining room chairs

acrylic chairs in a dining room

So dramatic LOL but really... This is so out of character for me. I NEVER buy "new" things for my home. I am a thrifting, second hand, find stuff on the side of the road QUEEN. Never anything new but these just spoke to me and I felt like they would transform the main area of my house so so much and I was right!

acrylic dining room chairs

dining room chairs see through

modern dining room decor

I feel like this house has really taken me out of my comfort zone (decorating wise) in the best way possible. I was such a farmhouse loving girl and now.... we're evolving... Ever since I put the big pictures HERE over my stairs, I have just been loving the vibe. I still love vintage but I'm adding in more modern decor to go with the modern home and I'm loving it.

diy contact paper wall paper

clear dining chairs

eclectic home decor

These chairs  just make me so happy. They totally transformed my home and I'm super excited about it. I still don't have barstools though... In time LOL

clear chairs in the dining room eclectic

eclectic acrylic furniture

Here's a little before and after for you... 

Before I changed out the table...

Before I changed out the chairs...

I loved it before... both ways. We're just evolving over here ;)

And after...

clear eclectic dining room furniture

eclectic dining room decor

I hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration for your own home. Again you can find the chairs HERE. I'm super excited about them. Imagine a big velvet ribbon hanging off of them at Christmas time <3 HEART EYES!! Have a great week, friends!

Love you, 

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