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New Pop of Color in the Hallway


Purple Hallway
Hey you beautiful friends!! I hope you've had a great week so far! It has flown by for me. I get to pick up my sweet boys tonight after work so I'm super excited about that. I was itching for a project. I have several I want to do but I'm waiting on a few things to do it. I don't like to start something and not finish it. I was scrolling on pinterest yesterday and came across this beautiful color by Farrow and Ball...

Colorful Hallway

DIY Free Light Fixture

It stopped me in my tracks and I thought "I'm painting my hallway that color". So... I DID!!! I went and got the color almost perfectly matched and went to town painting. I wanted to transform this hallway into an elegant little nook. The only thing I bought for in here was the paint. The color is a very close version of Brinjal by Farrow and Ball. Its a beautiful mauvy, burgundy, wine color. I loved it so much I even painted the ceiling haha. 
After painting, I rigged up this cute little light fixture. I'll share more on that later...

Painted ceiling

Farrow and ball frinjal

white magnolia flowers

The sun just did not want to come out this morning so I apologize for the bad lighting. I'll update with better pictures later, I just couldn't wait to show you!!!

Frinjal by farrow and ball

Here's the hallway before. Cute!! I loved the records on the wall but I just wanted to class it up a bit.

Record gallery wall

And after...

vintage and modern decor

All the decor for this space was items I already had. I just shopped my house! The sconce doesn't work. It's just for show but I may add a battery operated bulb at some point. I painted the light fixture and the table in the same color I painted my fireplace which is Space Black by Benjamin Moore. 

Pop of color in hallway

I am just in love with how it turned out. I'll definitely be adding this color throughout the house because it's just so elegant!! I hope this inspired you in some way to just GO FOR IT!! It's just paint!!! If you have a space and an idea, DO IT!! You'll be surprised at how great it turns out!! I wasn't sure at first with this space but now it's my favorite spot in the house. Have a beautiful day friends and thanks for reading!!

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