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Another Record Gallery Wall

gallery wall using records

Happy Sunday, friends!! It's super cold out here today. We went to Walmart this morning and Bjorn insisted on wearing shorts... He definitely changed his mind when we were running through the parking lot freezing! I had to turn my heat on!! Ugh... Not ready for winter but here we are. Since we couldn't do much outside today I've been tackling my large pile of laundry and I added a little (big) record gallery wall in my bedroom...


eclectic gallery wall

Records hung on wall

Unique gallery wall

gold painted tv

I had all of these records hanging in my hallway but since I re did that (you can read about my hallway HERE) I was missing the records on the wall! I had them in my last house and I've since accumulated lots more records and decided to pick my favorites and add them all to my bedroom wall. I have my spray painted tv (read about that HERE) in here now and I wanted something on a large scale to frame around that. So records it is!

large record gallery wall

Rowen thought he was helping ;)

black and white record gallery wall

favorite record sleeves hung on wall

black and white gallery wall

record sleeves on wall

Large black and white gallery wall

I kept the styling around it pretty simple with a lamp, a vase of flowers and a little plant. I of course had to add in my favorite picture of Mac Miller that my friend gave to me. If you didn't know... Mac Miller is my favorite of all time. I grew up listening to Fleetwood Mac with my parents and have a few of their records so I added the sleeves of them as well. I stuck to a black and white theme to keep it cohesive with the rest of the room.

large gallery wall around tv

gallery wall around tv in bedroom

gallery wall around tv in bedroom

gallery wall above dresser.

All I did to hang these on the walls was use flat back tacks. I stuck the tack inside the sleeve and pushed it through the wall. Super easy and very little to no damage to the records or the walls. Tacks are my favorite way to hang most things up because I can change things out without having tons of large holes in the walls. 

Records on wall above dresser

record sleeves hung around tv

That's it, friends!! This whole wall was completely free! Just shopped my house for everything and I love how it turned out. Music is a MAJOR part of my life. I am always listening to music and it's gotten me through the best and worst times of my life. I'm so thankful for music and this wall just makes me so happy. I hope you enjoyed and got some inspiration for your own home! Have a beautiful week!

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