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Update to the Fireplace - Mounted TV with Frame

 mounted tv with frame

Hello my lovely people! I hope your Monday was beautiful! I had an interesting Monday regarding this little project I decided to do... I had lots of trouble getting this situation to work out but in the end it did work and it is something I really wish I would have done so much sooner!! I mounted my TV! Simple right?? HAHA....
Frame hung around mounted tv

DIY Frame tv

One would think it would be easy. I definitely thought it would be when I started it. Let me just tell ya the story... I had been having issues LOVING my living room. I don't know if it's the Halloween decor (I'm over it) the furniture, the lack of a rug... I'm not sure but I couldn't get it perfect. I finally came to the conclusion that the fireplace wall was very modern and the window wall was very feminine. I think my eyeballs couldn't compute that LOL I was scheming in my head Sunday night about how I could vintage up my fireplace some more. If you remember HERE it had my gold spray painted TV on it. The clean lines made it very modern. I decided I wanted to frame out my tv with a vintage frame. Of course, I like to not spend money on stuff like this so I searched my house and came across this beautiful frame I had hanging over my bathroom mirror. I grabbed it and it was too small for the gold spray painted TV. I decided to switch some tv's around.... Well that turned into a bit of an annoyance in itself but I Switched all the tv's around. The living room TV went into my room, my TV went into the living room and everything seemed perfect. I grabbed it yesterday, looked up the mount I would need to put it on the wall. Went to walmart and got THIS (affiliate link) one for less than $10! I started taking off the legs and a screw was stripped. UGH. I spent HOURS trying to get it out. It was insane. I tried everything... Sticky tack, Nail glue strips, every screwdriver and drill bit I had. Every tool I had... Tweezers... It just wouldn't come out. I didn't have any rubber bands or hot glue which were both suggested to me. Finally I decided to just break the leg off. BUT! It was built VERY well haha so my puny arms couldn't break it. Then I remembered I had the same size TV in Bjorn's room. I went and grabbed it and it worked perfectly. I WISH I WOULD HAVE DONE THAT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!! But whatever lol So Now he has my old TV, I have the living room TV and the living room has my old TV. It's a hot mess but we're alive. 

vaulted ceiling black fireplace

DIY faux fireplace no tools

The mount was SO easy to install. I didn't even read the directions (I never do haha) but up it went. I put the frame around it and decorated the mantle and BAM!!! Beautiful!!! It's everything I wanted this fireplace to be. My sweet, talented friend Nay on Instagram @happyholderhome shared an app for Roku where you can add screensavers to your TV. I wanted this to look like a picture in a way so I searched. She said it was called the Unsaver. I found this one called the 4K Mountain Screen Savers. It's so beautiful. I love the neutral tones in the pictures. Either are beautiful! 

Frame hung around mounted tv

Disguised fireplace tv

Frame on tv

gold frame around tv on black fireplace

fireplace mantle style

I also want to say I ended up running the cord over to the left and down the side of the frame so it's all hidden now. I did that after taking these pictures and that helps a lot! I just taped it to the back of the frame and let it run down to the side behind the candlestick. So there we have it! I love my living room again! It looks much more "me". I am a more is more type of gal so a mantle full of pretty things is totally my jam. Bats and all (insert eye roll) OVER IT. Anyway, I hope you got some inspiration for your own home and have a BEAUTIFUL rest of the week!! 

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