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Halloween House Tour

Happy October!!! It's finally that time! Fall is definitely in the air here. We decorated for Halloween a couple weeks ago because when the bats and spiders came in the mail, my boys just couldn't wait to put them up! I have never really been a Halloween decorator but now that I have two boys who just LOVE the holiday, why not have fun with it?...

I had fun with the spiders outside. My boys love them! I will say, it was kinda scary standing on the ladder putting that first one up but I survived! I just used a command hook to stick them on. They come with a string around them so they're easy to hang!
I didn't want another wreath. I didn't have a good fall or halloween one and didn't want to buy a new one so I stuck a large scarf on the door and put our little friend here on top! I think it looks cute and different. I grabbed those eyes at Walmart and stuck those on the door as well.
All the links are down below!

I found a lot of fun spider webs in our halloween box so I stuck those up and hung up the bats! I saw these cute pumpkin candles at Aldi yesterday and had to get a couple. They're just too cute!

Basically, I just shoved a pumpkin or a skeleton in every corner of my house LOL but I'm loving it!! Can you see the bat Bjorn put on the oven handle?? You can tell where all of his decorations are because they're way down low haha poor kid. 

I hope you have a beautiful day and got some inspiration for your own home! Happy October!

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