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Parent's Kitchen Makeover Reveal!

It's finally here! The day I've waited for since I was a kid watching Candice Olson on HGTV! My parent's let me re do their kitchen and I'm so thankful and excited about it!! My dad let me have free reign on the finishes in here. I've had a vision for this kitchen for years so when my dad said "let's redo the kitchen" I said YEZZZIRRRR and got to it!!...

Get ready for LOTS of pictures! My dad built this house in the 80's. My mom clearly had no say in the kitchen choices... I'm not sure how he ever thought wood and brown and yellow went together? But that's what he chose and it's been a topic of conversation with friends and family forever. It's funny because my eyes just got used to the yellow growing up but after moving out and seeing how normal kitchens look, I came home and was kinda blinded by the yellow. Insert Pheobe from Friends... (MY EYES.... MYYY EYESSS!!!!)

My dad knows I'm just kidding when I make fun of the yellow counters. He now agrees with me that a more subtle option may have been the better way to go but if that were the case, I probably wouldn't have gotten the opportunity to put my spin on it... so in all reality, I'm thankful he chose these crazy colors!

Before we get to the after... Let's see the before. 

After ripping out the counters, my dad said he wanted to keep a piece. He clearly is attached to these babies so he kept a little piece for his barn to make a work bench out of. I'm all for it!

Some in between pics...

Already feeling so much better with just the black granite...

And now the after.... EEEEEEEK!!!!!
All sources and info will be at the bottom!

Here's the breakdown:

We knew we wanted to redo most of the kitchen. My plan was to keep the original cabinets because they're in great shape and a couple years ago they switched out the hardware to black. The rest of their house is very inspired by the southwest. I wanted a southwestern but also modern but also classic look. I know, sounds like a lot but I had THIS in my head. A few people questioned my choice of granite because this is such a dark house and the cabinets are already wood and I had no plans to paint them.  It's an earth contact so this side of the house doesn't have any natural light. We brought in some light by doing a new track light and under cabinet lighting and a lighter backs plash. I decided to do the track light again because we didn't want to spend a lot of money by adding more electrical in here and a track light allows the light to go all the way across with only one electrical source. Also, if we didn't use the track light, we would have had to do something with the ceiling because there would be a line from where the old track light was.

I decided since we did all of this to the kitchen, the dining area needed a little spruce too! I used everything they already had decor wise and added this pretty light from Amazon. I added this gallery wall with some prints from BFF Print Shop and family pictures. 
You can see the mood board for this kitchen makeover HERE

In the kitchen all we did was change out the track light, add under cabinet lighting, change out the back splash and granite, switched out the sink and faucet, painted the walls and that's it!
Like I said, I've wanted to do this for years and I'm so thankful my parent's trusted me enough to let me do it. It meant so much to me and I love being in their kitchen now!! Let me know what you think on Facebook and Instagram! 

If you're still here, thank you!!! Every click on this little blog means the absolute world to me. You all are the best. Have a beautiful rest of the week!!

Sink: HERE
Faucet: HERE
Under Cabinet Lighting: Sanson Electric Excelsior Springs MO
Dining Light: HERE
Barstools: HERE
Rugs: Home Goods
Soap Dispenser: HERE
Everything Else: Already had, antique or thrifted
Wall color: Benjamin Moore Pashmina

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